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Hey everyone 
It's the last post of blogmas! Where has the time gone?! The same can be said for 2015, it has flown by. I've decided to share with you some standout moments of my 2015 (which I really believe has been my year, for once)

♡ Passing my Driving Test // 19 January 2015 
I started learning to drive during the Summer of 2014 so I was very pleased to pass after 6 months! I'm not the most confident driver, especially when I was learning so I thought that it was going to be impossible for me to get in a car with an invigilator and answer questions, show I can drive and also follow their instructions/complete a section of independent driving, but I did it! It was definitely a scary experience but taught me that I can drive and I don't need to constantly put myself down! Driving has opened up a lot more opportunities for me and also means I don't have to walk in the pouring rain to somewhere! I can be in the comfort of my own little car, which is a black clio by the way!

♡ Getting a new job // 13 February 2015 
At this point I was still working as a housekeeper in a local hotel but we'd received news that it would be shutting down at some point and no one knew when! It seemed to be a drastic search to find a new job just in case the hotel shut down suddenly. From November - February proved to be a hugely stressful time of my life, probably a few of the worst months I'd ever experienced if I'm honest, but I finally found a job that was suited to me and applied! I was asked for an interview on Friday 13th (Yes.. I was slightly worried about this date!) But despite conspiracies, this date proved very lucky for me! I had a very formal interview in front of the headteacher, my soon to be boss and another professional body and got asked many questions. I was the first to be interviewed of 5 so was sure they'd probably forget all about me but I received a phone call later that day to tell me they were very impressed with my interview and would love me to join their team! It's not my dream job, obviously, but I don't dread going there and I think that's the main thing! 

♡ Getting together with my boyfriend // 28 March 2015 
Probably something my friends hear me go on about way too much but this date was a life changer for me and still is. I got together with my current boyfriend on 28 March and have been with him ever since. We're not far from 9 months now and I know it'll soon be a year already! As cliché as it is, I truly feel like I'm the luckiest girl out there! I cannot wait for the rest of our journey. 

♡ Turning 19 // 27 July 2015 
July meant I was finally turning 19! I say 'finally' because by this time, basically 99% of my friends have already had their birthday and counting down to their next. But I celebrated my 19th with a whole load of friends and my boyfriend, it was a great evening and of course, I drank way too much vodka and didn't feel too fresh the next day but hey, what are birthdays for?! I got some amazing gifts from everyone, including milani blushes, real technique brushes, cute fox socks, earrings and a beautiful diamond ring!

♡ Summer In The City YouTuber Event // 14 - 16 August 2015 
2015 marked the first YouTube event I attended! I went to Summer in the city which was in London during the 14 - 16 August. I stayed in the premier inn which is right by the ExCel centre where the event was being held. I attended the Creator Day on Friday which was full of really helpful, amazing information and talks! I especially liked the panels that explained equipment that you can get to really improve your videos. The weekend was full of more panels/talks, performances and meet and greets, I was lucky enough to get meet and greet passes for Bethan Leadley and Jack & Dean. They were all super lovely and great to talk to and we obviously got some selfies together! 

♡ Achieving 2,000 Subscribers // 17 September 2015 
I managed to hit 2k in the middle of September which is absolutely amazing! I can't thank everyone enough who has taken the time to watch my videos and click that subscribe button. I truly enjoy making my YT videos because of my passion for beauty related things. I am hoping to progress this passion by taking a beauty course next September 2016 which will hopefully allow me to create even better and more professional videos for you all! 

I have honestly had an amazing 2015 so thank you to everyone who was part of it and made it what it is. Here's to hoping 2016 is just as good or even better! 
Have an amazing Christmas guys (or whatever you are celebrating!) and enjoy 2016. 
Until next time..

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing 2015! Happy 2016! Your blog is really good by the way.

    Hannah xxx

  2. It sounds like it was a great year for you :)


  3. ps: I am following you I am No3 :) x



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