Christmas in my home ♡ // MissBeautyEmily


Hey everyone 
I've decided to make a small blog post consisting of photos and minimal text to show you how Christmas looks in my home!

 ♡ Xmas tree & a few presents 

 ♡ Tree Ornaments in window 

 ♡ Floral Decoration with Santa 

 ♡ More floral arrangements, plants and a card (For my parents) 

 ♡ Xmas card for me and my boyfriend from grandparents 

 ♡ Snowflake Decoration 

 ♡ Advent Calendar for this year 

 ♡ Tree in my room with wicker penguin 

 ♡ My tree up close 

Hope you like the look of our xmas decor! Do you decorate lots or keep it to a minimal?
-- Emily xoxo

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