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Hey everyone 
So after all those gift guides, I've decided to flip the spotlight on me (Just for today, I promise!). I've decided to create a 2015 Christmas Wishlist which you may take inspiration from and ask for some of these yourself. Enjoy!

♡ Sat Nav 
Right, this isn't something I've directly said I want for Christmas but my parents have asked if I'd be interested in getting a sat nav for Christmas and I said I would! So, I passed my test January 2015 which means I've been driving nearly a year now but I'm still very nervous to drive somewhere I've not been before and don't know how to get to, so what better than a sat nav? I'm never going to be able to explore new places if I don't have directions and I don't want to be trying to read a map whilst driving, that's dangerous kids! So now I've covered my back on the rules of safe driving, I'm going to round this present idea off. 

♡ Tangle Teezer
I am admittedly fully on the tangle teezer band wagon, after all my hair is extremely long so trying to brush knots out of it is painful and not enjoyable at all. The tangle teezer helps me with this problem and I've had mine a year now so the bristles are starting to bend over and become weaker. I also had an unfortunate accident with it the other week where it ended up flying into the toilet.. Don't worry, it was a clean toilet and I completely scrubbed the hell out of it but I'm still very reluctant to let it even touch my hair so I now have more of a reason to ask for a new one. I have noted down that I would like the black version as I've had the pink one so it's nice to have a different colour. I personally would have loved the pastel pink and purple one but I cannot find any apart from on Amazon for ridiculous prices, so I shall settle for a black tangle teezer. 

♡ Soap & Glory 
I've specifically asked for the Soap & Glory Rich and Foamous Body Wash as I've heard so much hype about it within the British beauty community but never tried it. Their whole bath range looks amazing but I've only tried the Hand Food and the Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss, so I would like to try more! I haven't asked for any more of the range but it would be really nice to have some other products from them. 

♡ Victoria Secret Body Sprays or Lotions
I actually know that I'm getting a gift set from VS due to there being a set on sale at ASDA (which I'd never seen them even sell before, I believed you could only get them from VS which my nearest is London -- 6 hours away!!) So I jumped at this offer and asked if I could have this put back for Christmas. I didn't get the chance to see exactly what was included in the box set and I don't remember what scent it was, I just know it was pink and girly! 

♡ Nightwear 
Christmas is the best time to receive pyjamas so I've been pointing out cute and comfy pyjamas in shops and I've ordered a set from Accessorize so I know I'll definitely be getting one set for Christmas! However the set I chose isn't exactly a warm set since its shorts and a cami top but it looked very pretty so I couldn't resist!

♡ Makeup Bag 
I've had my white and gold geometric cut out makeup bag from Primark for a year or two now and I use it every weekend so you can imagine the state of it! I actually picked out a new, bigger makeup bag from B&M for xmas so I'm really excited to receive that. It look so pretty and very instagramable.

♡ Dress 
Once again another item I know I'm getting but it was amongst my wishes. I have chosen a gorgeous dress from New Look which I cannot wait to show you. It is gold and black and body con which is my favourite type of dress to wear. I'm hoping to wear it on New Years Eve or for an event around Christmas time.

These were the items I've wished for this Christmas. What are yours? Leave them in the comments below!
-- Emily xoxo

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