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Hey everyone 
So we've purchased gifts for all our friends and family but what about our pets? We can't forget about them this Christmas so I've come up with some ideas for our little friends (Focusing primarily on dogs and cats, sorry!)

♡ Pillows/Blankets 
We all know that our pets spend pretty much all of their time sleeping, so why not pick up some comfy pillows or fluffy blankets. This 'Quiet Time Dog Pillow' is a good buy as it insulates to keep your dog warm during winter and cooler during the summer. It also has a zipped durable cover which can be taken off and washed! There are tons online and in stores made for both dogs and cats. 

♡ Catnip Toys 
So catnip toys are aimed toward felines (obviously) and I saw these Catnip fortune cookies and had to include them, they are so cute! You get a set of 4 cotton fortune cookies, each with a message and filled with catnip which is bound to entertain your cat(s) for hours! The same seller also makes these Catnip Covered Strawberries, for £10.56 you get a set of 3 fleece strawberries that are once again full of catnip. I personally think these are such an adorable cat toy and if I owned a cat, I would have to buy them!

♡ Comical Dog Toys 
On the same site as previously linked I found these comical dog toys which are shaped as a moustache and tongue. The idea of these are to throw them and your dog picks it up by the ball which is attached to the shape so when they come back it looks like they have an actual moustache or giant tongue! I think this is a brilliant invention and fun for both your dog and you!

♡ Silent Pet Tag 
This gift could be for both dogs or cats so the choice is up to you! But SiliDog has brought out this invention which is a silicone tag so prevents any jingling which you'd usually get from metal tags. There are four designs: bone, heart, circle and fire hydrant and you can customise them to say whatever you like. This is not only a cute gift but very practical and could be a massive help if god forbid your animal became lost.

♡ Treat Puzzle Toys 
I discovered this Toppl Treat Toy which is ideal for both small and big dogs and the two separate sizes can be interlocked to make it even more difficult. You simply place treats inside and your dog has to work to get them out! So not only do they get a nice treat at the end but it stimulates their mind and gets them using their brain.

♡ Cat Playhouse 
Back in college a friend of mine actually purchased a cardboard fire engine for her cats and from what I heard and saw from pictures, they loved it! It is made from cardboard and paper so it's super lightweight and easy to move around, it also folds up with is very convenient. They also sell other designs like a tank, a cadillac and a plane so if you're not so keen on the fire engine then there's plenty to choose from.

♡ Dog Lead Hanger 
Perhaps this gift isn't the most entertaining for your dog but I do really love this design and it helps to keep leads from getting tangled and draped along the floor. This engraved dog leade hanger reads "Please re-leash me and lets go!" which is adorable and would make any dog owner happy in my opinion. They also do designs with two hooks in case you have quite a few leads to hang up!

♡ Stockings 
If you're completely stuck then there's always the classic Christmas stockings pet shops sell for both cats and dogs. Pets At Home sell various kinds of stockings including treat stockings, toy stockings or a mixture and they cater for all sizes and ages of dogs/cats so I would recommend checking out their website or popping in store.

These are my top 8 gifts for your pets which I hope have helped. My mum can never go a Christmas without getting our two dogs some toys and treats as presents and I know we aren't the only family to do this so I thought a pet guide would be extremely helpful for all of you out there looking for some unique gifts!
-- Emily xoxo

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