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Hey everyone 
Today I'm here with a post all about those lips! I'm covering my top winter lipsticks, glosses, balms and scrubs for getting perfect lips this winter!

♡ LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub 
I'm gonna start off with this scrub since it isn't a product to actually give any colour or something anyone would notice but let me tell you, you'll definitely feel the difference for yourself! This scrub works like any normal body scrub, you take a little bit of the product and rub it into your lips to get rid of dryness and flakes. After you can either wipe it away or eat it! (Yes, this scrub is actually edible but I would not recommend actually eating a tub of this... it does still taste quite nasty).
This one in particular is cola flavoured and the actual product itself is red. 
On the top are edible hearts although mine are all gone now, sigh
You can pick up one of these scrubs from LUSH for £5.50, Santa's Lip Scrub is only available at Christmas though but there are other varieties too.

♡ L'Oreal Paris Color Riche 'Julianne's Nude' 
This is actually a recent purchase of mine but I'm already in love with this colour for this time of year. It is a very subtle brown toned pink which is perfect for pale complexions like myself! I adore the formula of these lipsticks as they are creamy and glide on unlike some other drugstores lipsticks I've tried which feel drying and don't apply very well at all. These retail for £6.99.

♡ MUA Matte Lipstick 'Wild Berry' 
I won this product in my MUA Halloween Goodybag back in October and this is the perfect colour for this time of year. It's a gorgeous deep berry colour (Not dark purple as the actual lipstick looks) which applies very nicely. You even get a little pot of the lipstick at the bottom that you can unscrew which is an added bonus. You can pick these up for £1.

♡ Benefit BeneBalm 
I got this last christmas and I really like the colour this leaves. This is a gorgeous tinted lip balm which gives amazing colour payoff and keeps your lips feeling hydrated and smooth throughout the day. I'm not too keen on the scent of the actual product but you cannot smell it whilst it's on your lips, luckily!
You can grab one of these for £14.50.

♡ Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss 'Timeless Plum' 
This lip gloss is by far one of the most gorgeous shades I have, not to mention the scent of candy it has. This tinted gloss dries immediately and stays put for hours (or 10 as it claims) however drinking and eating definitely does fade it. Unfortunately these are not sold online or in shops anymore but Amazon do still sell them here if you're interested.

♡ The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm 
The Body Shop's lip balms are super smooth and hydrating and I had to include them in my top winter lip products. I have recently started using this one everyday and it's making my lips a lot more smoother and keeps them from chapping which is brilliant. The scent is very festive and I'm not usually a fan of spices but it has the right balance between spice and vanilla so it's a thumbs up from me! The Body Shop sell these for £4 but these certain designs and scents don't seem to be available anymore.

So I've covered a few of my favourite winter lip products. What are yours? Leave them below!
-- Emily xoxo

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