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Hello everyone! 
Perhaps a slightly different topic but I really want my blog to delve into topics that aren't just focused primarily on beauty. I'm here today with a blog post discussing the dog collars I got personalised via Dolly Prints, a gorgeous new shop that sells many customisable items such as phone cases, canvases and home decor! I am currently a brand rep for this lovely online shop so I get the opportunity to try out these products and my first order was to spoil my dogs! 

Product impressions
The collars were delivered in tip top quality and each collar is made from PU leather which makes it super easy to clean and you can choose whatever name you'd like including one charm. The colour range contains 4 shades and I went for the classic pink and blue for the gender difference but of course this is entirely up to you! You even get the choice of a plain or glitter collar so these collars are 100% personal to you and your pet! The product description gives full size guides which is very helpful for choosing between XS, S, M and L and there is a list of 10 charms that are available. When choosing your collar you must read the description fully as there is a letter limit and depending how many you choose can affect whether you can place a large or small charm on the collar (it's all very self-explanatory, don't worry!) As you can see from the picture above, the letters looks lovely on the collar and and very readable from a far. The letters and charms are encrusted with diamantes and look sleek, not at all tacky, which I find a lot of cheaper charms can look like.

Product impressions continued
As you can see from the above picture, the clasp and buckle are of great quality too, there's no fraying of any stitching and everything is securely attached which is vital for a dog/cat collar, my dogs are notorious for running off so having something that won't break after a while is a huge must! The notches on the collar allow for a loose or tight fit (obviously check that the collar is snug, don't go strangling your pet please!) so this gives a lot of leeway if your pet is still growing.  My two dogs are West highland Terriers so these collars look great against their white fur and stand out amazingly. They are both very much due for a haircut though so I've decided not to take any pictures with them actually wearing the collars as you wouldn't see them at their best, however when I next go to see them and they're clean cut I shall be taking pictures to upload here, watch this space! If you're unsure for sizing, as I said, a size guide is available on the website but as a guideline, both my dogs wear a size medium and they are standard medium dogs.

Dolly Prints overall opinion
Dolly Prints is a fantastic brand and I cannot wait to start ordering more off the website. The canvases look stunning and since I am moving into a new apartment I think this would be a great touch! The items are very reasonably priced (the collars were £12 each) and there's always discounts going on! Make sure to check out the official site here

- Emily x 

* I was gifted these items by Dolly Prints due to being a brand rep but all opinions are my own

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