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Hello everyone! 
Now as you've probably noticed I haven't taken part in Blogmas this year but I definitely wanted to get a couple christmassy posts up so I'm starting with a stocking filler post perfect for anyone who loves beauty! 
I've selected some products that are £10 or under and perfect to place in a stocking or even as a secret santa! Keep on reading to find out about the products I picked.

Seventeen Mega Mattes & Stay Pout 
Lipsticks are very much on trend right now, especially mattes! Seventeen have released some new mega mattes in gorgeous colours that I felt would be an absolutely perfect little gift. I've also included one of their Stay Pout's too as they are moisturising and perhaps a better choice for someone with dry lips. 
The three mega mattes are slimmer lipsticks with a circular, sharp angled product that twist up. They deliver a pop of pigmented colour that dries to a matte finish which doesn't over dry your lips or crumble. 
The shades featured are:
Looking Buff: A brown nude
Nude News: A pink nude
Violet Summer: A light/medium purple
They are £4.49 each!

The Stay Pout comes in a classic lipstick design with the product being a lot more moisturising and glossy with a little less pigmentation compared to the mattes. 
The shade featured is:
Man Hunt: An orange red
This range is £4.49 each

Kiss & imPRESS Lashes/Nails

Now I couldn't do a post like this and not include some lashes and nails. I've been getting on the bandwagon for falsies of all kinds and I absolutely love them! I feel a pair of lashes and some nails really put together a look and I've chosen these 2 brands to feature!

Kiss Lashes
The lashes featured in the photo are in the style 'Ritzy' and are very natural and fluttery but still provide some impact! The lashes themselves all have tapered edges to make them appear real rather than fake and they are super lightweight on your eyes. These would be perfect for both beginners and experts!
You can grab a pair for £4.99.

Kiss Nails
The Kiss nails featured are part of the gel fantasy range so come in a huge range of designs that you can pick to fit whoever you're buying for. The set comes with glue and adhesive tape which allows the receiver to decide how they'd like to wear them. A gel finish makes them look like they've just been done at a salon so what a perfect little gift! 
The Gel Fantasy sets are £6.99

imPRESS Press-on Manicures
I thought I'd put in some variations of nails as they are a few brands that I love and find really natural on my fingers. These ones in particular are nice and short which allow me to actually be able to go about my every day life so if you're unsure if whoever you're buying for would still like to get on with their job without nails pinging off, try some of the imPRESS designs! 
I found that prices vary from shop to shop but I grabbed some of the pink shimmer ones from ASDA for half price at £3!

Body Fantasies & So...? Body Sprays
So I can't choose my favourite so I'm showing both of these brands as they are super inexpensive which means you could pop two or three of these into a stocking! I find you can never go wrong with body sprays because who doesn't like to smell nice? Plus, I also feel like I need one in my handbag, car, bathroom, bedroom and everywhere else! Just me?

Body Fantasies
These are brand new fragrances brought to you exclusively by Superdrug. There are currently 4 scents (all of which I own) but they are currently in my car or bag so it was easier just to show you two. They come in 94ml bottles that claim to have over 500 sprays in and for just £3.99 that is pretty amazing! 
The scents available are:
Pink Vanilla Kiss
Pink Grapefruit
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Twilight Mist

So..? Body Sprays
This brand is very well known for their deodorant sprays (and take me back to my school days!) but they now have some body sprays for only £1.98 (What?!). They contain 100ml of spray and come with cute designs that can be seen through the bottle which contains the fruit/flower/scent the spray mimics.
The scents available are:
Vanilla Milkshake
Fresh Musk
White Petals

Optrex Warming Eye Masks & Anatomical Masks and Patches
Pampering products are a must for us beauty lovers and I've selected some perhaps not so well known pampering products (minus masks because lets face it, face masks are pretty popular!)

Optrex Warming Eye Masks
Now these are quite new to the market but would be an absolute necessity for someone who likes to have a little relax in the evening. If you know anyone who works hard all week then they'd definitely be in need of a mask like this which helps to relieve tired eyes. The masks themselves are also unscented which I think is a bonus since not everyone likes to have their face smelling of flowers or fruit, right?!
These masks come in a pack of 2 (£3.99) or a pack of 8 (£9.99)

Anatomical Face Masks
Now Anatomical have one of the best branding/packaging I've seen and would definitely give whoever receives them a laugh! They do lots of variations of masks to suit the skin type or result you want to achieve i.e removal of dead skin or glowing skin. At the moment they are sold on ASOS in the UK and are usually found in packs of 3 for £3! 

Anatomical Wake-up Under Eye Patches
Now I don't tend to see under eye patches often and they sound like such a good idea that I just had to sneak them into the guide. Everyone loves to look awake and refreshed so popping a pack of these into a stocking is sure to make someone's day! 
They come in a pack of 3 for £6.

Cover Shoot & Beauty UK
Now these items are grouped together a little weirdly aren't they? I don't really know what I was thinking when I photographed these together since I've got an eyeshadow palette, contour palette and nail varnish remover going on in one picture.. interesting.
Anywaaaaay.. we'll just go with the flow on this one!

Cover Shoot Contour Kit
I cannot get over how amazing this kit is and for the price of it, I think everyone deserves one this Christmas! The kit contains a contour, bronze and highlight in a cream formula that blends effortlessly on the skin and I feel is usable by both beginners and experts!

Cover Shoot Twist Pot
Nail polish is a troublesome task when removing it and if you're like me, the smell of the remover gives me a headache! Why not make someone's life hassle free and pop in a twist pot? You literally place your finger into the acetone filled sponge and twist it a few times and voila! nail polish free. Plus for only £1 you could treat yourself to one too.

Beauty UK Posh Eyeshadow Palette
There's something about this palette that gives off vibes of the Kyshadow Burgundy palette and I'm loving it! This palette contains creams, beiges, burgundy, browns, greys and black which are all ideal to create natural and smokey looks. It mostly contains shimmers but does have a few mattes which makes it ideal for anyone to use. 
The Posh Palette is £5.99.

Molton Brown Hand Wash Bauble 
Finally I chose this gorgeous Molton Brown bauble filled with some frankincense and allspice hand wash. It doubles up as a christmas ornament too due to it's bauble shape and string attached to the top which I think is such a cute little idea. There are various scents available to suit the preference of who you're buying for too.
These are priced at £10 on Molton Brown's website or you can grab one for £8.35 via World Duty Free if you're travelling this Christmas.

So what did you think of my picks for stockings this year? Are you going to pick any of these up for yourself or a friend now? Let me know below

- Emily x

* Some products were sent to me on the basis of being featured in a xmas blog post. I was not paid to feature these and all opinions are my own.

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  1. I absolutely love stocking filler type posts, they're ideal for those of us on a tighter budget this year! 🎅🏼 I'm a big fan of KISS nails, the quality is excellent! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! Merry Christmas! 🎄

    Abbey ✨

  2. I am obsessed with these post, they give me so many ideas!! Thank you for sharing xox

    1. Just adding that the Seventeen Mega Mattes & Stay Pout are the perfect colours!!! xox

  3. I love these little ideas, particularly the face masks, very witty packaging which I like xx

  4. I'm interested in trying out false nails. I've always just grown out my nails, shaped them, and done them at home. Would love to see an in-depth review of the KISS range :D

  5. Some great ideas here, I'm really wanting to try out them lipsticks everyone seems to be talking about them at the minute!

  6. Some really amazing products in this post. I'm loving those body sprays too, and so cheap?! I'm going to make a mental note (reminder) to purchase myself and my little sister in law some of these, she loves the idea of this sort of product and owns a victoria secret spray, so it may convert her to a bit of cheaper spending!

  7. This is such a great gift guide! I've still got so much Christmas shopping left to do so I'm definitely taking a few ideas from this :)

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  8. Such a cute stocking filler guide babe - it's one of my favourites from this year so thank you so much for sharing! <3

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

  9. Stockings are the best bit of Christmas right?!?! Some great products and gifts here!

    Charlotte x

  10. Stocking fillers are always my favourite types of gifts. I'd rather get lots of little presents that I'll use rather than one big present; there's more to open then! I'd always say that make-up/toiletries, sweets and socks are my ideal stocking fillers. You have some great ideas here for sure!

    Sian x


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