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Mothers Day Gift Guide 2017
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017
I always struggle to think of ideas for mother's day since my mum always tells me not to get her anything but you can't just turn up with no gift can you?! So this year I've gone and selected some inexpensive gifts that I feel a mother would love to receive and I've popped them into this guide for you to get some inspiration!

Chroma Stationery Notebook
Chroma Stationery Notebook Paper
Chroma Stationery Personalised Notebook
The lovely people at Chroma Stationery hooked me up with this gorgeous notebook that has my mum's initials printed at the bottom corner of the book. I always feel like something that's personalised is always a lot more special and what better way than a little notebook! We all know mum's lead busy lives and I'm certain this little gift would come in super handy for them. The pages are blank, rather than ruled and the quality of the paper and book is fab, you can be sure it won't rip easily. They are taking orders up until 22nd March so be sure to go and order now to guarantee delivery.
Chroma Notebook | £8.50 (Perfect Bound)

Helpmeorganics Hormone Candle
Helpmeorganics Hormone Calming Candle
Who doesn't love a good candle? What about one that has ingredients to help combat stress, colds or maybe even help aid your sleep. Helpmeorganics have three different candles with different purposes that help to target whatever it is that's going on in your life (or for this purpose, your mums!). I own the 'Help me, apparently I'm hormonal' candle which is designed for anyone who is currently experiencing PMS, menopause or post-natal imbalance. The candle is blended with rosewood, geranium bourbon, ylang ylang and lavender which all work together to relax the mind and create balance to allow your hormone levels to settle. The other two candles available are 'Help me, I'm too busy for colds' which has antiviral and antibacterial ingredients that also help to boost immunity whilst the other is named 'Help me, it's way past my bedtime' which has a blend to help ease your mind of worries and thoughts before bed time (Always blow your candle out before sleeping!)
You can get 10% off Helpmeorganics with my code: emily10
Helpmeorganics Candles | £9.50 (Also available as room sprays, get 10% off with my code: emily10)

Dr Botanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Masque
Dr Botanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Masque
I know many mums who enjoy a good pamper and skin care treat and I think Dr Botanicals have just what you need! Their advanced masque is an intensive night time mask which helps to soothe, lift and regenerate skin during sleep. It contains papaya, jojoba oil and sweet almond milk which makes this product vegan, natural and cruelty free!
This product is usually £67 but right now you can get it for £19.99 with my code BEAUTYEMILYBLOG
Advanced Overnight Masque | £19.99 (With the code: BEAUTYEMILYBLOG)

Lee Stafford Here Come The Curls
Lee Stafford Hair Care
Of course not every mum on the planet has curly hair but this item was just an example of many! I personally love Lee Stafford's hair care range and this 'Here Come the Curls Crème Lite' product is fab for getting natural curls (even if those curls aren't natural!). His products are very affordable but of salon quality which I think every mum would love to receive this mother's day! I've tried his heat protectant and hairspray too and feel they work wonders for my hair, my curls hold fantastically without feeling crispy
Lee Stafford Products | Prices range

Sensational Gel Starter Kit
Sensationail Gel Starter Kit
Getting that perfect manicure is simple to do at home now with kits like these! I know my mum desperately wants to try one of these and her wish has been granted! This set is the 'Pink Chiffon' edition which includes literally everything you need to create gel nails (even the lamp!). The set consists of:

- Pink Chiffon Polish  - Gel Primer  - Base/Topcoat  - Gel Cleanser  - Lint Free Wipes

- Peel Off Nail Shields  - Double sided buffer  - Manicure stick  - LED Lamp 
- How-to booklet

I think this little gift is ideal for a mum who is busy and doesn't want to be splashing out money and time at a salon to have their nails done, they can do it when they've got a spare 5 minutes at home.
Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze Instant Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream
If you've got a mum paranoid over her wrinkles or wants a good skin pick me up then Superdrug have this fab eye cream that lifts, smoothes and replenishes! Of course this may not be the best gift if they've never gone on about wrinkles so just be careful before handing this over to her!!
Optimum PhytoFreeze Eye Cream | £12.99

Joan Collins Class Act Mascara
Joan Collins Class Act Mascara
If you fancy splurging on a makeup item then I highly recommend picking this one up for her! This is the Joan Collins Class Act mascara which helps to boost growth and also thicken the lashes which I feel every lady wants in their life. It has been said that if this mascara is applied daily for 30 days then the lashes become 169% longer and 13% thicker! The tube itself is absolutely beautiful and very classy which is suitable as a mother's day gift!

The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Body Butter
The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Hand Cream
The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Shower Cream
The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Cleansing Bar
The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Range
I personally feel any gift from The Body Shop is perfect for Mothers Day but I have chosen the almond milk and honey range as it can be used for any skin, especially sensitive dry skin which mature mums may be experiencing! The Body Shop sells these individually or as a lovely gift set which may be of interest rather than picking out the items separately.
The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Range | £20.00 (Gift Set)/Individuals starting from £2

Nouveau Lashes Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum
Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum
I've been using this serum myself for a few months and love how it nourishes my lashes and brows! This would be an ideal present for a mum wanting thicker, healthier lashes without any hassle. You simply brush this onto the hairs like a normal mascara daily and it can be applied morning and evening! 
Nouveau Lashes Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum | £20.00

Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower
Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Gift Set
Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Gift Set
Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Perfume & Body Lotion Gift Set
I feel like a gorgeous perfume gift set would make any mother's day this year and the one I am featuring is the Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower set, it contains a 60ml perfume and a matching body lotion which is always a lovely added bonus. This scent is said to have 'notes of apricot, mandarin, freesia, rose, grapefruit blossom, jasmine, musk, sandalwood and cashmeran' which sounds like a gorgeous mix for any woman! 
Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Gift Set | £20.00

 Hopefully this guide has helped you out on picking something that would be suitable for mother's day! What's your favourite item I featured?

- Emily x

* I was sent some of these products featured in this gift guide, however I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

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  1. I got the chroma notebook too they make such great gifts too!

  2. The chroma notebooks look absolutely amazing, also love the look of the perfume! X

  3. Some lovely things here! I always find it hard to choose a gift for my mum too. She loves he body shop and that candle would be a hilarious gift! Thanks for sharing this guide x

  4. Jimmy Choo make amazing perfumes! :)

  5. The calming candle sounds so good. You have put together a really nice gift guide. :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. Great gift guide! I always play safe and get my mum skincare or make up lol xxxxx

  7. You have some really unique ideas here, Emily! I absolutely love the sound of the hormone balancing candle, I'd definitely pick up one for myself as well as my Mum! The Body's shop products also sound fab, they're always such good quality! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

    Abbey 🦋

  8. Wow what lovely ideas, I always struggle for my mum too because she never gives me any ideas! The personalised notebook is such a lovely idea
    Amy xx

  9. Brilliant idea's Emily. I struggle for gift ideas, so these will be amazing for the next time I have to buy something.

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog |

  10. I'd be happy to receive any of these (although maybe not the candle as I am scared of them) but I'd love the sensationail starter kit

    Tasha x

  11. I love all of the products in this gift guide ❤️ I especially like the gel starter kit - I have one myself and I love it 😍

  12. Cute selection of gifts! I already had all mine sorted but you have some great ideas. The notebook is so pretty and let's be honest, what mother doesn't need one of those! I received a couple of produgfs from the Joan Collins range and they're so beautifully packaged as well as being nice products too!

    Love Izzy |

  13. love the croma notebook its so cute!

  14. I wish my mum was this easy to buy for! She has no interest in anything so I paid for her to get her hair done at a fancy salon! I need to take a look at Chroma because I love notebooks!

    Sian x

  15. That calming candle sounds great, may have to pick it up for myself!xxx

  16. As a mum, I can safely say I would love any of these presents, particularly the notebook as I'm a complete stationery addict. We were being quite careful with money again this year so I baked cupcakes for my mum and got my girls to decorate them.

  17. A little late to the party but some good stuff here to make the perfect mothers day presents! I bought my mum some Jimmy Choo this year for mothers day she loved it! She's also been eyeing up my Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Oil so I think I know what I'll be getting her for her birthday lol! Fab post :) xxx
    Rachel |

  18. I don't know much about cosmetics so this guide is amazing for me! My mum is really into this kind of stuff and I never have a clue what to get her so you've really saved me skin (it's her birthday soon)
    Thanks so much for sharing! x


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