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VOBEAUTY - Vegan & Cruelty Free Subscription Box
There's ton of subscription boxes hitting the beauty market right now but today I'm going to be talking about a strictly vegan and cruelty free box named VOBEAUTY that I'm sure you'll all love!

First off, VOBEAUTY stands for Vegan and Organic Beauty which is what the entire box is about and trying to promote. The team behind this box know how difficult it is to make the switch to beauty products that fit these categories so they're making it easier by delivering you products each month that you can use without feeling guilty! Each box they sell they donate 20p to an animal charity too which is a lovely gesture and would definitely influence me to buy this box in the future. They have a couple different subscription services available, all with no ties and also a 'build you own' box that allows you to choose exactly what you get in your box. A standard subscription is £15.95 and a build your own box is priced at £10 - £15.95 which makes this service very flexible!

Pure Black Mask
Pure Black Mask + Face Brush
The first product that I found in my box was this peel-off charcoal mask which I have to admit, I'm SO excited for! If you're an oily girl with big pores then masks with charcoal are your best friend. You've probably seen all those peel off ones all over Instagram too so I'm all over this product! I received a full size tube of the mask which contains 50ml and will last me a good while. It came with a mask brush too which is going to make the process a lot less messy for me and the bathroom! The price of this is £7.99 which is already half of the box itself!

Medusa's Makeup Lashes
Medusa's Makeup - Lashes (Heavy)
First off, the packaging of these lashes are super cute. I'm drooling over the pink and heart shaped box. Secondly, these lashes look super wearable and even though they are the 'heavy' version, still look really natural and easy to use. I like how it comes with glue too in case you're new to lashes and don't have any adhesive to hand. These are £5.50 each which is really decent for a pair of lashes as you'd usually pay more in the drugstore!

White Rabbit Skin Care Samples
White Rabbit Skin Care - Cream Samples
Inside the box contained a little bag of these moisturising cream samples from White Rabbit Skin Care. I like how there are 4 different creams to allow you to pick and choose which works best for your skin without needing to commit to one big tub. They all smell really luxurious and I'm looking forward to pampering my face with them. The bag of samples can be purchased on the VOBEAUTY website for £5.

Beauty Without Cruelty Morello Lip Liner
Beauty Without Cruelty Lip Liner - Morello
A lip liner was inside the box and it came in a beautiful burgundy shade which is going to be perfect for Autumn. It contains coconut oil too for retaining moisture in the lips which will be very beneficial during the colder months. These are priced at £4.95 each.

Ve Cosmetics Highlighter Palette
Ve Cosmetics Highlighter Palette
Now when I spied this beautiful blue holographic packaging I knew it had to be highlighter! I was pleasantly surprised to find 6 gorgeous shades hidden inside that looked to be shimmery but not overly glitter (phew!). I couldn't wait to swatch them (see below) and when I did, I was really shocked by how pigmented they were as I wasn't expecting it! The palette is only £9.99 which for me is a complete bargain.

Ve Cosmetics Highlighter Palette Swatches
Look at that GLOW!

That is all I got inside my VOBEAUTY box and I was really happy with the contents, it contained a good mix of products that I would 100% use and the quality of them all were of really good standard for a £15.95 box. If you're interested in grabbing yourself one then head over to their website here.

- Emily x

* I was sent this box for reviewing purposes only, I was not paid for this post.

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