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How To Up Your Photography Game with Bidvine
So you're a blogger that wants to up their photography game? Ditto! Whether you're a beauty, fashion or travel blogger, I'm sure we can all agree that we want our photography to be top notch on our social media and blog posts, right? Of course not everyone has the luxury of having a friend or family member who is skilled and can snap away some gorgeous candid photos of you.. that's where Bidvine is your friend. Today's post is going to talk you through why you should consider using Bidvine to make connections with portrait photographers in your area and achieve what you are after for your blog.

But what exactly is Bidvine?
Simply put, Bidvine is a service that helps you hire a trusted professional who is local to your town in whatever area you are after. They don't just cater for photographers but offer cleaning services, personal training, a man with a van and much more. It's actually really easy to use and you simply log on and answer a few specific questions related to your request and you'll begin to get matched to various trusted locals that specialise in the field you are after. Following on from that, the matched professionals will get in contact with you really quickly and then you can make your choice on who to go with.

My Experience With Bidvine
Now I've been having a little look into Bidvine myself to see if the service would match me up to anyone. Admittedly I didn't think I'd get any matches because I live in Cornwall and I find there's just never anyone advertising on such a platform but I was pleasantly surprised! I answered questions such as:
"What style of portrait photography are you looking for?"
"Where will these photos be taken?"
"How many final, edited shots would you like?"
"What is your estimated budget?"
So as you can see, they really get to the exact request you want so the photographer is aware of what you are after and you can add any details to your request such as whether you'd like to feature a pet!
Upon filling out these questions, I provided my email address and I was sent over my matches. I feel like a service like Bidvine really helps to put my mind at ease that I'll be receiving a service that is professional and what I'm after and there won't be any chance of disappointment.

Have you ever considered using a service like Bidvine for your blog? Let me know below!

- Emily x

* This post was sponsored by Bidvine but all opinions are my own

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  1. This sounds like a great system! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Great post, Bidvine is so helpful for finding photographers or if you need any handy men! I'm yet to use it for a photography but definitely something I want to try in the new year to get some better fashion pictures! xx

  3. Interesting idea, I've never heard of this site before! I've been looking for ways to improve my photography though.
    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  4. This does sound like a really great idea. However at the moment I think I'm stuck with doing my own photography and employing the bf from time to time with the payment of cookies and cuddles.


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