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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018
That time of year is upon us again and I don't know about you but I always struggle on what to get. This year I have decided to put together a guide of some pieces I think any mum would love to receive so that you can draw some inspiration from the post and maybe gift your own some of these too.

Adexe Watch Meek Grande Rose GoldAdexe Watch Meek Grande Rosegold Up Close 
Adexe Watch
This particular watch is the Meek Grande Rosegold watch which is beautiful. I have a separate post on this piece coming soon which will go much more into depth. I have always felt a nice looking watch really dresses up an outfit and adds a bit of sophistication. The Meek watch does just that and the rose gold oozes femininity whilst the black clock face adds a sleekness to it. Adexe watches have a ton of styles and you'll be sure to find something for your loved one on their site. Their watches start from £95 and go up to £149 so a really decent price for a luxurious watch.

Hotel Chocolat Beauty ProductsHotel Chocolate Best Mum Chocolates
Hotel Chocolat
Did you know that Hotel Chocolat has released a beauty range? I had no idea! Their beauty products look well-made and I adore the packaging, simple yet sophisticated. The way their products are designed and how they are used would really fit well into any mum's lifestyle and give them a pampering treat. The Three Shell body scrub looks divine and is unique, I don't often find scrubs that have seashells in! It retails for £16 and I heavily recommend you having a look into their other body products. They also have lip balms available in lots of flavours, this particular one is chocolate peach (yum!) and is only £7 for a balm packed full of goodness. Since we're talking about Hotel Chocolat it was only fair I included a cheeky chocolate idea right? These 'Best Mum' chocolates are packaged so nicely and a perfect gift if you're on a budget, they are £2.50 for a luxurious chocolate treat.

Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair StraightenersLee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair Straighteners & Bag
Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Hair Straighteners
Having a good pair of straighteners is vital in every woman's life! They can be used to create both straight and curly hairstyles so I would highly recommend a pair. These particular ones from Lee Stafford are not only beautiful to look at but work a dream. They glide through hair without a single tug or pull which I find some cheaper straighteners are very guilty of! There are 5 heat settings and it also comes with a heat mat and a gorgeous rainbow bag (I'm drooling over this bag guys.. so pretty). At £70 for the gift set, I think this is a really good price for a pair of well-made straighteners that have built-in technology for a frizz-free look. However whilst doing this post, I've seen some sites have these reduced down to £42 so have a little browse around for some deals.

Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream Perfume
Charlotte Tilbury Scent Of A Dream Perfume
Perfume is such a personal thing and I love having scents linked to a particular memory. Charlotte Tilbury have their own perfume 'Scent of a dream' that smells spectacular! It's a very grown up and sophisticated scent that every lady needs in their life, mums included. There are 3 sizes available so you can pick whichever would suit best for your budget and I guarantee this gift will not disappoint! Not only is the scent divine but the bottle itself is such a show piece and will look lovely displayed on a dressing table.

B&M MugsB&M Reed Diffuser

B&M Memories Collage Frame
B&M Bargains... candles, mugs and homeware!
I am a huge B&M lover and tend to pop in there every time I visit my parents (since there isn't one in our town, sob!). I always browse their website to see what exactly they have in stock and to look out for it when I next have a shopping spree. They have gotten in some gorgeous pieces for their Mother's Day range and I wanted to mention a few. Firstly, this reed diffuser screams spring to me so would be a perfect gift to welcome Spring into their home! You also get two votives to match which will make the house smell of vanilla throughout (or white blossom depending on which you pick!). This set is only £4.99 which is a complete steal and you could easily get a few more pieces to go with it. Perhaps you like the idea of a mug too? B&M have you sorted. At £1.99 you could quite easily buy a whole new mug collection, their designs are fresh and bright which I adore and there are a couple of 'mother's day' inspired ones to pick from. Something not pictured above but I wanted to mention was their Glitter Branch LED Lights, my mum has a set of these in the hallway and they look so nice as you walk in. They make great gifts because they're simple but make such a huge impact in a room. You can find what I'm talking about here for £8.99. Finally, I wanted to mention the gorgeous collage frames that they sell. I think these would be amazing gifts because you can personalise it and put in your own photos which can then be hung in a room and really jazz a place up. This is only £5.99 too and comes in black or white and there is also one that says 'family' if you preferred that.

Hopefully this guide has helped you out a little if you're struggling for ideas! Let me know below your favourite piece I mentioned.

- Emily x

* Some of these items I was sent for reviewing purposes only, I was not paid for this post

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  1. I always get my mum bits from Hotel chocolate. She loves them!

  2. I've always wanted to try something from Lee Stafford! Heard so many good things x

  3. What a great guide! Thanks for the inspo! x

  4. These are such great gift ideas! I'm always in B&M for the bargins! I've got my mum a perfume this year and will probably pick up some chocolates to go with it xx


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