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Hey everyone ♡
I'm here with a small review post about a couple products I was kindly sent for free from SammyDress. I was contacted by Ada and asked if I would be interested in choosing a few items to review. After looking into the business and researching other people's views I decided to accept the offer and was kindly given a $20 giftcard which converts to around £13.50 which is a good amount for a website that offers items for cheap.

♡ Korean Hot Sale 10 Pairs Professional Makeup Party Thick Artificial Eyelashes 
These lashes are presented in a cardboard container which provides good storage and easy access to them. The lashes themselves are of good quality and all appeared in superb condition (None were bent or ripped). They are not too dramatic but definitely add length and definition. Unfortunately I have not had an event to wear them to yet so I can not give a full opinion on them until I get a proper use but from first impression, they appear promising.
{{ These lashes are now unavailable }}

♡ Trendy Diamante Heart Embellished Sister Bracelet For Women 
This bracelet caught my eye when searching the site as it looked so elegant and classy. I was very pleased when I opened up the package and it was very true to the picture. It doesn't look tacky or cheap which was my main concern. The diamantes on the heart are all in tact which shows the bracelet is well made. The only problem was that it is slightly too big for my wrist but it is made from a bendable metal which I can tighten around my wrist to make it fit.
{{ You can see this bracelet here }}

♡ Stylish Solid Color Leaf Shape Women's Armlet 
I have never owned an armlet before so I definitely wanted to choose one of these when I saw them on SammyDress. I decided on the leaf design as I thought it added a bohemian look to any outfit. The armlet is of good quality, the metal is not sharp which I felt it might have been because of the shape of the leaf. It easily clips around your arm, however, it is far too big for me so I will need to take some links out of the chains to make it considerably smaller. Apart from the sizing, this armlet is definitely a cute statement piece to add to your collection.
{{ You can see this armlet here }}

♡ Retro Simple Design Polishing Hollow Double-Layer Cuff Ring For Women (ONE PIECE) 
This has to be my favourite piece out of the items I chose. This is a double-layered ring in gold which adds to any outfit. I personally love how it can look edgy yet chic at the same time. I have worn this ring on a daily basis and it has not left any of that dreaded green tinge to my finger which costume jewellery usually leaves. I have received many compliments on this ring already and I can understand why, it's a gorgeous piece! It is slightly bendable to fit onto any finger you please, I usually wear it on my index, ring or middle finger. 
{{ You can see this ring here }}

Shipping ♡
A common trend I saw amongst other YouTuber/Blogger reviews were shipping times. My order was placed on 5th March and it took until 25th March to process which made me worry about how long it'd take to be delivered to the UK if it took 20 days just to process my order. To my surprise, I received my package on 31st March. So although it took approximately a month to get my order, I do feel this was a reasonable amount of time to wait since SammyDress is based in China.

Overall opinion ♡
I am very delighted with the items I kindly received from SammyDress and I would like to thank Ada for contacting me. The opinions above are my honest viewpoints on the items I chose. If you are considering buying from SammyDress I would definitely recommend you checking out the many items they have to offer. I decided solely on jewellery & lashes but they stock items like clothing, shoes, beauty etc. 
Check out SammyDress here

Check out the haul I filmed on my channel featuring the above items by clicking here

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