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Hey everyone ♡
Exciting news! I won an MUA halloween goody bag via Instagram and I couldn't be more happier with what I received. My package contained a whole load of goodies, along with the amazing lip lacquers that I'm now about to review for you all!

MUA Lip Lacquers (L-R: Kooky, Moxie, Potency, Reckless & Symphonic)

♡ The product/packaging 
I'm going to start with rating the packaging because... just look at how gorgeous they are! Each lip lacquer comes in a frosted plastic tube and a contrasting golden (Potency being the exception) lid with MUA LUXE embossed along it. The main text 'Velvet Lip Laquer' on the tube gives off a classy feel with the stunning font. Shade names can be found on the bottom of the lacquer and also on the lid. All in all, the packaging definitely deserves at least a 9/10, as for £3 you get a durable yet elegant lip product which is comparable to more expensive drugstore brands.

Swatches (L-R: Kooky, Moxie, Potency, Reckless & Symphonic)

♡ Application 
These swatches show just one swipe of the lip lacquer and as you can tell, they are amazingly pigmented and glossy. They apply very smoothly without any drag on the lips/skin which is definitely a positive! Stickiness is non existent with this product, within a few moments the lacquer dries and you're left with a matte effect on your lips which looks gorgeous with any makeup look. As mentioned before, all of the colours are highly pigmented and you really only need one layer of these but you could build them up for an extremely intense look if that's what you're after. 

MUA Lip Lacquer Applicator in Kooky

♡ Putting the product to the test 
Hands down, these lip lacquers last all day. The product did not budge or wear off when being worn which is very impressive since I struggle to find a lip product that can withstand eating, drinking, talking etc. so a thumbs up is well deserved for this lip lacquer. Proof of the wearability can definitely be shown when trying to remove this. Even when I swatched these I had to scrub with micellar water to get them to fully come off my hand which in one way is good as you want the product to last but I don't personally want to have to scrub my lips raw to get the product off. Admittedly I have not worn the black shade (Potency) out of the house (Not quite sure I could rock the black lips, will have to save that for halloween next year!) but I did experiment with it in the realms of my room and it was a right bugger to get off and left my lips feeling quite sore for a few moments. So just keep that in mind, if you're after a non-budging lip product you'll have to be committed to the removal process! 
**Update** I have just been tweeted by MUA who advised that using an oil based makeup remover will mean you don't have to scrub the product off!

MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer Shades

♡ Shades 
I was sent 5 of 12 shades available in this range. The shades I have are quite similar (except for the black shade, obviously) but they are still slightly different (the brightness of the colour varies).
MUA sell other shades like corals, browns, nudes, hot pinks and reds. In my opinion, I feel the range has quite a few pinks (I counted 4 quite similar shades) which could have been replaced with autumnal berry colours that are very much wanted at this time of year.

♡ Overall verdict 
As you have probably guessed from my review so far, I really really like these lip lacquers. They stay on all day, don't budge and come in some pretty awesome colours. What's not to like? Plus, they retail for £3 in Superdrug stores and MUA's online store which is an absolute bargain in my eyes! I really cannot think of any cons on this product apart from the removal and the shade range having too many pinks. 

Thanks for sticking with me and reading to the end!
-- Emily xoxo

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  1. Great post Emily!😊👍 Do they sell these in the U.S.?

  2. Thank you so much! I don't believe they are since they're only sold in Superdrug here but they do ship to the US via their website! :) x


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