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Hey everyone 
I've decided to take a 24 hour blog break from beauty and look towards some yummy christmas treat ideas for you all to try. I unfortunately won't be making these myself so I shall be finding the most tastiest looking ones for you all and will credit the author so you can make them too! 

♡ Disney's Frozen: Sven the Reindeer Pancakes
Such a cute little idea for both young and old, this little treat contains all sorts like pancakes, bacon, hash browns, bananas and chocolate chips. I think this is a perfect idea for a christmas breakfast or even just a random winter morning. If you have little kids coming around then let them take part in making their own little Sven. You can find the recipe here if you're interested.

♡ Strawberry Santas 
This is a fun, easy and healthy idea to create by yourself or with others! The general idea is to cut up a strawberry into two, place a dollop of whipped cream onto the body so that you can then place his hat onto the top and then you can use chocolate sprinkles for eyes! Simple right? If you want a better step by step recipe you can check it out here.

♡ Melting Snowman Cookies 
Although I feel slightly bad for the melting snowman.. you are going to eat him anyway so why not create these cute little cookies? All you do is make up gingerbread dough for the biscuits, use some royal icing for the top of the cookie and then place a marshmallow on top to act as the snowman melting. You can then add details to everything to make it look more life-like! The full recipe is here and tells you how to make your own dough and icing! 

♡ Reindeer Cupcakes 
These are actually a lot simpler to make than they look and these would be amazing for a Christmas party! All you need to do is make up regular cupcakes and ice them over with chocolate. You can then use a Nilla Wafer for it's mouth, pretzels for the antlers, white m&m for the eyes (which need a blob of black icing for pupils) and then a brown or red smartie (or other confectionary) for the nose! The full instructions can be found here.

♡ Candy Cane Punch 
So you have your treats but how about a festive beverage! This candy cane punch sounds absolutely delicious and all you need is strawberry jelly, lemon-lime soda, peppermint ice cream and some candy canes. You can find out how to make this delicious looking treat here.

I hope you've enjoyed the slight change of scenery on this post and maybe gotten inspired to make some of these yummy looking items. Thank you to all the blogs I got my recipes from, make sure to go check them out!

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  1. Them wee strawberry santas are so cute! I love the snowmen cookies aswell i'm deffo going to try and make some (although my baking skills are rubbish)

    Amy x


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