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Hey everyone 
I'm here to bring you some very cute DIY xmas ornaments I have found online! Once again, I won't be actually making this but links and credit will be given to all creators.

♡ Crayon Drip Holiday Baubles 
This DIY is something very unique and I haven't seen many of these around before! You'll be needing some clear glass baubles, crayons, a craft knife and a hairdryer. There is a full video tutorial here so that you can get a complete step by step and not have to listen to my terribly worded instructions! Or if you prefer, you can take a read on their blog here.

♡ Character Baubles (Minions, Elmo etc.) 
I think this is a very cute idea that you can get kids involved in! All you need to do is think of an easy character you can put onto a bauble, fill a clear plastic bauble with paint and shake it so it covers the whole of the inside and once that dries, you paint the face on top! So simple yet effective. The list of instructions can be found here.

♡ Cork Reindeer 
Another cutie! This little reindeer is made from cork, fabric, jute and a red bead. You could either place him on a mantlepiece or attach some ribbon to him to hang him on the tree for everyone to see. You can find how to make him and other cork decorations over on this website.

♡ Glitter Twine Ball 
When I saw this, I actually thought this was so pretty and would look gorgeous when it's in the light and twinkles. This is made via the classic way of blowing up a balloon, wrapping twine around, placing a lot of glitter on top and then letting it dry before finally popping the balloon and being left with the shape. The original post has been deleted but I have found another instructional post here

♡ Woodslice Ornaments 
I think these look rustic yet modern with the cute designs you can add. I think these would look great up on a wall or a door and you can personalise it to say anything or have any design. You can also make it any size which is perfect as you can make it fit to the environment around you. For a full step to step, take a look here.

So these are the 5 DIYs I've picked to show to you all. I hope that they may have inspired you to get creative this Christmas!

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