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Hey everyone 
So I've covered the females, but what about the males? Here I am with my second gift guide focused towards the guys. I find buying for men so much more difficult because they never know what they want. How do you expect us to know?! I have thought long and hard to come up with 10 ideas for the men in your life.

♡ Console Games 
One of the gifts my boyfriend has hinted about is a game for his Xbox 360 and I know he is not the only male out there wanting a new video game. There are plenty of new games being released around this time of year and you're bound to find something they really want. The top 2 I've heard lots about recently are Fallout 4 & Call of Duty: Black Ops III, so those are definitely safe bets if you have no idea. Just make sure you get the correct version of the game to fit the console or else that'll be slightly awkward.

♡ Skin Care Sets 
Many guys don't fancy having pampering gifts or beauty related items (But of course there's nothing wrong if they do, after all it's all about equality now!) But skin care sets are great for guys as their skin goes through a lot during winter, especially if they're a frequent shaver. Nivea sell some amazing sets tailored towards specific areas i.e - shaving, sensitive skin. Their Shave Gift Set consists of a gel and post balm which is only £5.95, you can find it here. They also do sets focused on the active guys with their Sport Gift Pack consisting of a shower gel, deodorant and water bottle, it's a steal for £3! You can find this one here

♡ Clothes 
Nothing beats a nice looking shirt that can be worn on special occasions or perhaps a comfy & casual flannel shirt they can throw on (Personally I get weak for guys wearing flannel shirts, I don't know what it is about them). Clothes are always a good idea since I've noticed a lot of males wear the same stuff because they simply don't go out and shop for more! You can't go wrong with getting some basic shirts and trousers to fill up their wardrobe, just make sure you're completely sure of their size as you don't want to under/over size them. Keep your receipt too! A shirt like this from Burton's is a good item for formal occasions/night outs so would come in super handy for them -- for £15 it's a complete steal.

♡ Watch 
A huge essential in day to day life, a watch is a classic gift to get for a guy. What's better is you can fit your gift to your price range as watches can go for a few pounds up to thousands, so depending on whom you're buying for and how much you're willing to spend decides on the quality of watch you can browse for. I personally love this watch from Hugo Boss as it's quite simple, easy to read but looks classic -- everything a guy needs!

♡ Seasonings/Sauces 
Many guys I know actually love to experiment in the kitchen and try out new things. I've seen plenty of sets from Boots like the one in the image above that includes four different seasonings from Nandos so they're bound to like at least one of them. They also sell a Nandos Table Trio which consists of 2 Peri Peri Sauces and Peri Peri Salt. I would recommend trying to pick up a seasoning/sauce gift set as who doesn't love to spice up their food?

♡ Alcohol 
Obviously this goes for the males that are of age to drink, but an alcoholic beverage is always a good present to get a guy who enjoys a little drink now and again. As long as you know what sort of drink they are into, you can easily pick up some bottles/cans of what they drink.

♡ Gadgets and gizmos 
Guys love their quirky gadgets that you can find in various shops. I've found that Debenhams stock some pretty amazing 'Boys Toys' which include remote controlled cars, mini air hockey & table tennis, Star Wars salt and pepper shakers and a desktop drum kit. The options are endless and there are many I passed that I know my male receivers would absolutely love. I recommend checking out Debenham's website here

♡ Aftershave 
This would be a nice gift for your boyfriend/fiance/husband as you can choose a very personal scent for them. I have found that I tend to be drawn towards the musky scents of aftershave but of course it depends entirely on what they prefer. Maybe you know they enjoy the scent of spices in which case the Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau De Toilette would be a good buy and can be found here.

♡ Barware/Accessories 
Once again, for males of age, barware can be a great little gift to add to or even begin their collection. House of Fraser stock this really nice 3 piece cocktail kit which comes in a sleek box priced at £21.00. If your guy is more a champagne drinker then they also stock this Royal Doulton champagne bucket with four flutes for £67.50.

♡ Bluetooth Speakers 
Phone gadgets are becoming exceptionally popular and included in this are bluetooth speakers. I've heard good things about the Bose SoundLink Colour which is available for around £100. It allows you to enjoy your music with or without wires and you can pair it with any smart phone, tablet or bluetooth device. It's really compact and light too which means it can be transported easily and taken wherever they wish. You can find these speakers here or check out any technology shop for others available! 

And we've reached the end of my 10 gifts for the males in your life. I hope they have prompted some ideas in your mind on what to get your loved one. Is it just me that finds guys extremely difficult to buy for? (Yet I found this gift guide 10x easier than the girls? Odd)
-- Emily xoxo

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