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Hey everyone 
I've never been much of a jewellery wearer but this year I've been getting into wearing more cute pieces and accessorising more. I'm going to show you my top worn pieces of 2015!

♡ Accessorize Drop Earrings 
I had an Accessorize £20 voucher for my 18th birthday back in 2014 and I still hadn't found anything to spend it on by the beginning of 2015 until March/April time. I bought these cute earrings for £6 and I wear them every single week day for work (and usually at weekends too). I tie my hair back for work since I'm a cleaner and I feel that these earrings are a lot more visible than studs as they are drop earrings so I just feel it adds a feminine touch as I'm not a lover of having my hair pulled back. Unfortunately the quality of the image isn't great due to lighting but these are gold circular earrings with diamantes in the middle that circle around a pinky red stone. These literally glisten in the light and quite frankly, look a lot more expensive than £6! I hunted for them online but could not find them so they may have been discontinued now.

♡ Elephant Belly Bar 
I got my belly button pierced in March 2015 and this was the first belly bar I purchased (apart from the basic ones you buy when you first get it pierced). I really like this one as it's not too heavy (unlike a pink one I have which is so pretty but hurts to wear) and just looks great. It is all silver, with an elephant dangling from the classic circular diamante ball that is connected to the piercing itself. I purchased this from eBay and you can find plenty on that site if you're interested!

♡ Boohoo Pastel Earrings 
These stood out to me as I really love the design and colours of these earrings. I bought them when I made an order on boohoo and needed to boost my total up to get free p&p and I'm so glad I did! These look pretty with any outfit and the shape of these are very unique and unlike anything I've seen. It's an almost floral design filled with pastel blue, orange and pink stones and then a few silver diamantes scattered around. I believe these were around £4 but probably aren't available anymore. 

♡ H. Samuel Diamond Ring 
I've always wanted a ring that I could wear every single day and had significant meaning to me. That finally happened on my 19th birthday when my boyfriend brought this for me. It's a gorgeous sterling silver ring with overlapping details and then a diamond shaped centrepiece. Inside that centrepiece are 4 diamonds and then along the middle overlapping detail are two diamonds as well. This is probably one of the most treasured gift I have ever received and like I've stated, I wear it every single day, I'd be lost without it.

♡ Silver Feather Necklace 
I was surprised with this piece (and 3 other items) from my boyfriend one weekend and I have constantly worn this necklace with different outfits because it just goes well with everything! I love how simple it is but adds a whole new level to an outfit. This item is handmade so I don't have any idea where you can get these but I'm sure there are many feather necklaces out there!

♡ New Look Diamante Drop and Coin Bracelet 
I don't tend to wear bracelets much but this one I found in New Look for £4 has been on my wrist quite frequently. The only problem is it's a bugger to get on and off as it's a little small (it fits my wrist loosely when it's on but trying to actually get it on.. different story). This bracelet is very simple with a chain, a row of diamantes and then coins and other diamantes dangling from the band. Once again, this piece goes with every item so it's makes it extremely versatile.

So those are the jewellery pieces you would have most likely seen me wearing during 2015. Have you had any pieces that you've constantly worn this year?
-- Emily xoxo

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  1. What a lovely blog you have. Great post
    Loubna x

  2. Love, love, love! What a lovely selection. I particularly like the elephant belly bar and the Accessorize earrings. I had a very similar pair with blue stones. Wore them constantly for the same reasons until I managed to lose one. Never did manage to find it. Also love the charm bracelet. So pretty!


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