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Hey everyone 
You may be wondering why I'm including this post into my blogmas. Well, when buying my favourite foundation from the Boots website, I came across an offer of spending £15+ and receiving a free gift. This gift happened to be a very stunning and quite simply amazing box full of goodies which could equally be an amazing christmas present to give to someone. I am going to go through all 4 products that you receive to give you an overall idea and see if you think it's worth getting!

♡ Jungle Jade S6 Eyeshadow Quad 
The first full product you get is this quad which includes 3 variations of green and 1 gold. Can I just begin by saying that the packaging of these are so chic and elegant! Although I thought they would be made of a heavier material rather than the flimsier plastic that they appear to be made from but this does make them lightweight and easy to pop into your makeup bag so this is always a plus.
I don't own any green eyeshadows so this was an exciting item to try out as I know greens are meant to make brown/hazel eyes pop! I was very subtle with applying the greens as I didn't want to overpower my eyelids, especially if it ended up not suiting me at all. I used the gold all across my lid, the lightest green in my crease and then the darkest green in my inner corner. I found that this created a very gorgeous eye look but as I said before, I didn't apply generously so the greens weren't very apparent but now that I know I liked the look, next time I'm going to be slightly more generous with those greens! 
All the shades are shimmery (which I personally love) and the pigmentation is great from the swatches I've done on my skin. Obviously as I've stated for the second time, I did not apply much on my first use so I don't think it's fair to comment on the pigmentation whilst on the eyelids. 
Quads from L'Oreal Paris are £6.99 but I cannot find this particular one for sale in any shops which indicates it's either an exclusive to the set or discontinued.

♡ Super Liner So Couture in Black 
This product is a super thin felt-tip liner in black which is an item I use every single day! (I currently use the MUA Luxe Felt-tip liner). Due to this, I have not used this yet since I want to continue to use my current one until it's finished in order to not have this one dry out before finishing the MUA one. But I have a feeling I'm going to really like this product due to the really fine tip! 
The packaging of the item is very classy -- The pen itself is black with gold writing and then a gold lid with matches the eyeshadow quad brilliantly.
Once again, this item is hard to find online, Boots have it on their site but due to it being in the set it is labelled as £0 (Not helpful!) so variations of liquid liner in this range I've found to be around £6.49 so I reckon this product would be around that price too. Once again, this is a full size product which is absolutely amazing!

♡ Mega Volume Collagene 24h Mascara 
This item goes against the colour scheme ever so slightly as the accent colour against the black is actually white as opposed to gold like the other two. However, this product is full size (once again) and I have actually tried this one out, it lengthens my lashes slightly and does add volume. However, the brush is quite big and I did find it quite difficult to apply onto my bottom lashes without getting black onto my skin but I did like the overall look. I would have been happier if it'd been in a waterproof formula due to the weather being quite drizzly here in the UK but I did not find it to smudge at all during the day so it seemed to prove wearable throughout the day! This mascara is around £6.40 (as sold on Amazon) but I am not aware of how much it goes for in shops since it doesn't seem to be listed in any well known drugstores. 

♡ Color Riche Nail Polish in #423 Feline Sauvage 
The final product which is another full sized item is this shimmery dark green nail polish. I currently have this on my nails (I put it on immediately because I'm trying to grow my nails out again) and I'm 50/50 on the colour. In good lighting, it looks a gorgeous jade green but in other lighting it looks like I'm embracing my inner goth/emo since it looks completely black. I have nothing against black nail polish but this wasn't the look I was going for. On my left hand the nail polish seems to have chipped quite a bit so I would recommend putting on a top coat to seal the polish. 
These polishes retail for £4.99.

So those are the 4 full sized items you get in this gift set -- a perfect little prezzie for a beauty loving friend/family member. In the bottom of the box you also receive a £2.50 off coupon for L'Oreal so that's a great added bonus!
-- Emily xoxo

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  1. I really like the look of the Super Liner! I haven't seen anything like this from Loreal before. I think I'd want the set just for the eyeliner pen.
    Vanisha xo


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