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Hey everyone 
I placed an order a few weeks ago on LUSH and thought I would show you the pieces I got. I figured I really didn't have enough for a video so decided a blog post would be so much better!

♡ Butterbear Bath Bomb 
I've heard so much hype about this little bear and I'm wondering what all the fuss is about! I cannot wait to try this out since he's filled with cocoa butter which will give my skin a treat! Even better, this bath bomb is only £1.95 

♡ Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment 
I will be honest with you, I did think this was going to be bigger than it actually is but I have high hopes for this £2 bath oil melt. I really love the colours on this and the top is all shimmery which is going to be so nice to see in bath water! 

♡ Pumice Power Foot Scrub 
So this item isn't actually for me but is a gift for my mum for Christmas. From what I've seen though, this has a lot of product to give and smells strongly of orange (Which I'm not too fond of but I'm hoping mum won't mind it as much!). This was £3.15 for 70g.

♡ Cupcake Face Mask 
I actually wanted to try Cosmetic Warrior but this was out of stock so my second choice was cupcake. I have yet to try it yet as I'm waiting to do a pamper routine video and want to use it then! Once again, I was a little disappointed with how small the pot was but I'm hoping a little goes a long way as it was £6.75 for 75g.

I hope you've enjoyed my little lush haul and I may be back again for some product reviews once I've tried these!
-- Emily xoxo

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  1. I've bought a couple of the butter bear bath bombs to go in as fillers for Christmas - have never tried them myself so would love to hear what you think when you do use it! xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog


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