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Hey everyone 
I've decided to cover some quick ideas for stocking fillers that are under £10! These are simple yet great ideas that can be popped into a stocking to treat a loved one, enjoy!

♡ Slipper Socks 
There are some really cute designs out there that you can pick up for both males and females! I think these would be great since they are compact enough to place into a stocking but are an item that can be used daily and be put to good use. These Polar Bear ones from Peacocks are absolutely adorable and fit in for the festive period so what could be a better buy than this?!

♡ Mini Candles 
You can pick up mini versions of candles from brands such as Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works so why not pop a few of these in? You could get some festive scents or just fragrances you know they absolutely love. These can be picked up for as little as £1 which is brilliant!

♡ Recipe Book 
If the person you're getting some stocking fillers for really likes to bake, why not grab a mini recipe book that covers some festive recipes? You could even make your own if you have a keen interest in recipes yourself, that way you could personalise it which adds a special touch.

♡ Bath Bombs 
Who doesn't love bath bombs? (Well perhaps the person who has to clean the bath out afterwards but shh). I absolutely love bath bombs and I really need to invest in some because it's been way too long since I've used one. However, that's beside the point, how about grabbing some LUSH festive bath bombs/bath melts/bubble bars. They have created some of the most adorable looking products for Christmas and you cannot go wrong with items from there and you could pick up around 3 - 4 good sized products for under a tenner!

♡ Lip Balms 
Lip balms are always a popular item for this time of year so perhaps a lip balm set would be a hit! You can pick up some festive scents from The Body Shop or Zoella's Beauty Range offer a pack of two all year round scents.

♡ Gift Cards 
Gift Cards are great if you're not entirely sure what to get someone. There are so many to choose from and you can get some for £10 or under. The only problem with this idea is that not all shops offer a £10 option so that can be a slight hindrance. 

♡ Mug 
Even if someone isn't a lover of tea or coffee (like me) we still all use mugs to drink out of so why not find a really cute design or relatable saying and place that into the stocking? I personally think you can never have enough mugs/cups and this way you can add to or start their collection!

♡ Earphones 
Such a useful item! Earphones are brilliant for all types of people, especially music lovers. I find I'm always needing some new earphones because I manage to twist the wires and break one of them so I can only hear music in one ear, such a pain! It's always good to have a backup so you cannot go wrong with this idea.

♡ Mini Tool Set 
A great idea for anyone who doesn't have the essential tools they need in their life. Tool sets can contain items such as pliers, screwdrivers, tweezers etc. This kit in particular has 26 pieces and is now marked down to £5 which is a bargain!

♡ Chocolates 
Lastly... chocolate. For all those people you know out there that have a sweet tooth, a box of chocolates or a selection box is always an appreciated gift. I would never say no to a box of chocolates so why not get a box of their favourites? I personally love Galaxy chocolate and they sell massive bars for around £3 which is definitely not a bad price at all.

I've selected my 10 stocking fillers for under £10 so hopefully these have helped you out if you're struggling at all. Have fun shopping!
-- Emily xoxo

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