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Hey everyone 
So I'm back onto the beauty posts again and I'm here to point you towards some awesome festive nails that you can pick up in shops locally to you! (or even online).

♡ Red and Silver Snowflake False Nails 
These are red with glittery snowflakes and would look very pretty with a little black dress for a festive party. The pack contains 24 assorted sizes and comes with a glue which is good if this is your first pack of nails and haven't got a spare nail glue handy. These are now unavailable!

♡ Elegant Touch Xmas Nails 
These look very minimalistic by having a christmas symbol contrasting against a white nail. The designs featured have a geometric pattern throughout which is definitely very unique and not something I see around often. These certain nails are limited edition and contains 24 nails in 10 sizes. In the pack you also get a nail buffer, nail glue and instructions! These were £6.99 reduced to £4.89 here.

♡ Handmade Embellished Christmas Nails 
Etsy sell some really cute nails and I really like these certain designs. Each nail has a different design, some of them include silver glitter, snowflakes, rhinestones and a christmas pattern. There are 12 nails in total and can be bought for £10.99 here.

♡ Avalanche Elegant Touch Nails 
These adorable nails remind me of Frozen, probably due to the gorgeous icy blue colour. There are 24 nails in 10 sizes, all blue or white with snowflakes over them. I am quite tempted to get these myself due to how pretty they are! These are £8.99 here.

♡ Snow Globe Elegant Touch Nails 
Whilst browsing through the online store of Elegant Touch, I came across these extremely cheap nails for £2.99! The nails feature typical scenery designs on each nail which would be a classic touch for the festive period. So grab a bargain set of nails here.

Those are 5 festive fake nails available for you all! There actually weren't as many as I expected to find which is odd but at least you've got some ideas of where to go!
-- Emily xoxo

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