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Hey everyone 
If you're like me and love a good ol' candle to spice up your room then you've come to the right blog post! I'm going to cover my top winter candles so you know which I recommend to make your room cosy and festive.

♡ Yankee Candle 'Merry Berry' 
I got the little votive of Merry Berry and it has the most amazing sweet berry scent ever. It fills my room up with a Christmassy smell that lingers for hours and puts me in the festive mood. Merry Berry is perfect if you adore warm and fruity scents. A large jar will cost you £13 but last for over 100 hours. The votive I got was £1 at ASDA and has lasted a good few uses!

♡ Bath and Body Works 'Trick Or Treat' 
This may seem a little odd for a winter candle but hear me out. This candle has a perfect balance of sweetness and muskiness to make it a perfect candle for both Autumn and Winter! It's described as a blend of marshmallow, smouldering woods and vanilla bean -- Amazing!! The best way I could describe this in a video of mine was 'yummy men' which is highly embarrassing to watch back but it's so true! It reminds me of a cologne that a guy would wear and you just can't get enough of.

♡ Bomb Cosmetics 'Starry Starry Night' 
A candle that I've spoken about many times in recent videos, this candle is one of my all time favourites. Not only does it smell oceanic but it's mixed with a wood scent too (Just like the Trick or Treat candle) so it's got a gorgeous blend of fragrances that leave a calming vibe to any room. The design of the candle is stunning, it's mainly blue but has 4 hearts in each corner and contains gold stars and glitter scattered over the main candle. It's too pretty to burn! 

♡ Yankee Candle 'Home Sweet Home' 
I haven't actually tried this candle since I'm not a lover of spice but a friend of mine recommended it as a perfect candle for this time of year so I'm taking her word for it! The candle is described as a blend of cinnamon, baking spices and a hint of freshly pure tea which sounds like a great all round fragrance to mimic baking spiced cookies! 

♡ Yankee Candle 'Christmas Cookie' 
I have to admit I'm a lover of sweet scents and this candle definitely hits the mark! It has that typical rich buttery scent with vanilla and sugar cookie notes. It left my room smelling like fresh cookies and cakes from an oven, something I definitely wouldn't complain about. I also had the votive in this scent and I definitely would purchase the full sized jar.

Those are my winter candle faves for you all! What candles have you tried that you love to burn for this time of year? 
-- Emily xoxo

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