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Hey everyone 
LUSH is properly the best place ever to get cute bath bombs and bubble bars for your pampering evening! I'm here to list my top winter lush products that I've tried or want to try!

♡ Butterbear Bath Bomb 
This bath bomb is shaped as a cute little bear who is full of cocoa butter to give your skin a treat! I recently ordered him online and I cannot wait to place him in my bath as I've heard a lot of good things about him! He is only £1.95 which I believe makes him the cheapest bath bomb from LUSH. Check out this cute cocoa butter filled teddy here.

♡ Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb 
Probably the most gorgeous looking bath bomb I've seen from LUSH, this one is shaped and looks like a christmas pudding but rainbow, meaning only one thing... your bath becomes a rainbow too! I was very, very close to buying this when ordering online but I'm having to be careful with my money and this bath bomb is one of their more expensive at £3.95 so I ended up deleting it from my basket.. 

♡ Magic Wand 
I had this stunning glittery pink reusable bubble bar a few years ago and loved it! It turned my bath a pastel pink with lots of bubbles -- any girls dream, eh? For £5.25 you get a bubble bar that can be used again and again so I really feel this is a reasonable price! The design of this wand has been updated as it has a lot more glitter on the star and it is now tied with a silver ribbon and bell whereas mine was tied with a pink ribbon and bell. Take a look at this item here.

♡ Snow Fairy 
I've had two bottles of this stuff and I really like it! (But in small doses, the smell can be pretty overpowering) It lathers up like a dream and leaves me smelling like I've been in a candy shop. There are four different sizes available: 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg so if you really adore this scent, you can stock up before the snow fairy disappears for the rest of the year. Check it out here.

♡ Sugar Plum Fairy Sugar Scrub 
I've actually not heard much hype about this, whether it's due to the fact it's exclusively online, I don't know! But I would love to try this because not only does it look very sweet but it scrubs away dead skin cells and exfoliates which I definitely need! This item is £4.50 and can be found here

That's my roundup of my 5 top Christmas LUSH products that I've tried or want! Go take a little look on their website and try to resist buying anything, I dare you!
-- Emily xoxo

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  1. Snow fairy is my ultimate fav scent from lush ever! Its just smells so sweet!

    Amy x


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