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Hey everyone 
So I covered stocking fillers in my last post and didn't want this to seem repetitive so I've decided to focus on unique and quirky ideas that you can get as a secret santa gift.

♡ Self Stirring Mug 
If you've got a really lazy friend who enjoys a hot beverage then how about a self stirring mug? It is powered by batteries and operated by a simple switch which stirs away until you decide to stop. I found one here for £9.95.

♡ Toast & Jam Body Wash 
Clearly this isn't actually toast and jam that you use on yourself, but it's a very realistic sponge and body wash to mimic the well loved snack! I think this is a very cute idea for someone who enjoys strawberry scented things (or is a huge lover of jam on toast). You can find it for £6.95 here.

♡ Touch Glove for iPhone 
This gift is perfect for the person who is constantly on their phone and can't bear to put it down, eventually sacrificing their hands in cold weather just to check their social media. Luckily, this iPhone glove exists and you can put a stop to their fingers freezing off, for £7.95 you get a pair of gloves that work seamlessly on touch screens.

♡ Hangover Kit 
Ideal for a friend you know who suffers from that occasional hangover after a heavy night out. The kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, mints, cotton eye mask, glucose tablets, wipes, a coffee sachet and tissues which are all very handy for when you're feeling a little rough. You can pick one up for £7.95 here.

♡ Lace Lights 
A quirky little idea for someone who likes to wear shoes that have laces and also an ideal addition for a night out. These flash every time it detects a movement and last around 150,000 flashes so there is a ton of use from these little LEDs. These are very affordable for only £4.95 and are available here.

♡ Virtual Pet 
A very nostalgic looking item, this is definitely a take on the tamagotchi. Perfect for those 90s kids who spent hours on end looking after a pixelated pet. There are 49 different pet options to choose from which all need looking after and feeding. For only £4.95 I think this is an ideal secret santa gift to make them feel nostalgic and take them back to their childhood.

♡ Floating Rose Bath Lights 
A cute little idea for anyone who enjoys a relaxed bath, these LED roses are activated by water and are powered by batteries which can easily be replaced. You get three in a pack for £8.95 here.

♡ Giant Cupcake Tin 
Who would say no to a massive cupcake? I sure wouldn't so why not buy your secret santa a cupcake tin to bake their own. All they have to do is put cake mix into both sides of the tin, bake it in the oven, assemble both halves together with some icing and then simply decorate. Easy! It's £8.95 here.

So I've chosen some very unique and quirky ideas... What are you going to buy for your secret santa receiver? 
-- Emily xoxo

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