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Hey everyone ♡
The other day I went into superdrug with the intention of purchasing MUA's newest lip lacquers in gorgeous nude shades and to my disbelief, they hadn't been released in my local shop yet (I have been informed that they are online in bigger stores at the moment or online).
I did however purchase one nude colour from the range in Tranquility, along with their lip liner in Caramel Nougat and a Power Pout Glaze in Rapture. 
Due to spending over £8 I received an amazing kit which included a lip primer balm and a lip brush so I've decided to write all about these products and include swatches!

♡ Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility 
This shade is absolutely gorgeous and was one of the ones I needed to complete my collection. I actually reviewed 5 other shades of these lip lacquers on my blog here
The lip gloss in in a gorgeous frosted glass effect tube with a doe foot applicator. The gloss itself is very thick and mattifying and I highly suggest wiping excess product from the doe foot onto the side of the tube as I found if you use an excess amount, it can dry too much and really defines the lines of your lips and I don't like how that looks on me. The second time of using this I actually tried the lip brush I got for free and applied a minimal amount and I got a great look! 
You can pick up these lacquers for £3 which is great value as these stay matte and do not transfer easily! (I did find after having a meal and a drink the first time I wore this, it rubbed off slightly in the middle of my lips but I think that's due to it being a thick layer).

♡ Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat 
I picked up this nude pink liner as I do not have one in my collection (I know, who doesn't have a nude liner in their collection, gosh!) For only £1 I knew that if I didn't get on with it or it didn't match my lip lacquer that it wouldn't go to waste, however I was pleasantly surprised! This liner applies very smoothly and if you were to hold it under a flame for a few seconds it would definitely be very creamy! The liner colour actually is a close shade of my natural lips but it's dark enough to actually see what I'm doing and where I am lining. It goes perfectly with Tranquility and is a great nude lip look for anyone wanting that Kylie Jenner look!

♡ Power Pout Glaze in Tranquility 
I needed to make up a few pounds to get my free lip kit so I ended up getting this lip glaze in a nude colour too. I have the pinky/red colour already and really like how it gives subtle colour and a shimmer to my lips. This nude colour also matches Tranquility very well so would go nicely applied to the middle of the lips for a pop! However, I do find this lipstick quite sticky unfortunately so I tend to powder over my lips to make it a lot more matte and stop it being so sticky. These can be purchased for £3.50 which if I'm honest, I feel that is quite pricey compared to the other products they have. The lacquers are part of their luxe range and are gorgeously matte and they are 50 pence cheaper (Not that's it's much but I would say they are of higher quality).

♡ Lip Kit consisting of Lip Brush (L1) and Pout Prime 
If you spent £8 on MUA products, which lets face it, is very easy to do because there's so much to pick from, you get a free lip kit and I am loving it! You receive the Pout Prime which is a clear lip balm primer that keeps your lip product in tact all day. I used this underneath my velvet lacquer the 2nd time I used it and it's made a wonderful improvement to how long the lacquer itself has lasted and it's also not made my lips feel as dry either (although that might be due to not having such a thick layer on my lips!).
The lip brush is a great little tool as it comes with a lid but the lid can actually be attached to the bottom of the brush so it becomes a longer brush (Basically it can be made into travel size or normal size just by detaching one piece!). If I would have brought these items separately they'd have come to £4.95 so you basically save nearly a fiver! Oh I love a deal!

So those are my recent MUA purchases. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?
-- Emily xoxo

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  1. This shade looks gorgeous! Reminds me of the Gerrard Cosmetic liquid lipsticks xo

    1. I know right? It's so pretty and I cannot wait to try the other nude colours MUA have released when my superdrug stocks them! I've never tried the Gerrad Cosmetic Liquid Lipsticks actually/
      Thanks for reading! x

  2. I was thinking of getting the NYX matt lip creams, but I'm going to see if I can get my hands on one of this MUA ones now instead! wonder if my superdrug will have it..

    1. They should have this specific shade as it's not from the new range but I think it's quite popular. You could always try ordering online x

  3. These look super interesting, although I'm not a very big fan on nude lips on me myself so probably won't purchase these but for others it would be an amazing line.

  4. These look super interesting, although I'm not a very big fan on nude lips on me myself so probably won't purchase these but for others it would be an amazing line.

    1. They do offer a whole range of gorgeous colours apart from nudes! They do pinks, purples and I believe a red also! Thanks for reading x


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