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Hello everyone! 
So I was contacted by the lovely Lendy from DressLink asking if I would be interested in selecting some items to review. Like many others, I am also very wary of services outside of the UK and tend to steer clear from them. However, around this time last year I actually worked with SammyDress who are also based in China and received excellent service. I wanted to see if DressLink were as good (or better) and try and shake off the negative assumptions of wholesalers based in China.
I honestly have had just as good service from them as I would from any English company! They replied as soon as possible (bear in mind the time difference, if you're from the UK you're likely to only get responses in the morning!) and dealt with my order swiftly. I only had to wait just over 10 days to receive my items and I took the risk of not tracking it which I had no need to worry about due to it arriving very quickly and swiftly! I'm now going to go onto the items I brought and discuss the quality and price!

Lady Chain Mini Cross Body Hard Cover Clutch
I have a wedding coming up in June and I've been in need of a really nice white clutch bag to go with my baby pink dress. I came across this one on the site and it looked gorgeous in the stock photos. When I received this in the post it was carefully encased in a dust bag and secured tightly to avoid any breakages. The white material is of a shiny PVC look, something I probably wouldn't usually go for but even up close, it does not look tacky at all and actually I feel this would be a super easy clutch to clean if it gets dirty at all. I particularly love the gold detailing around the sides and on the clasp. The clasp is an easy open type, you pull it up and draw forwards the front of it to reveal a very decent sized pocket which will easily fit my phone, cards, money and some makeup in and it even has a phone pocket situated inside. I am not entirely keen on the patterned fabric that the actual pocket inside is made of, it is a beige/off-brown colour with black swirls, something that I don't think really goes with the outside of the clutch and would have preferred it to be all black or white but since no one will see this apart from me, I am not too fussed. A gold shoulder strap chain is also included which will be useful if I decide I'm too lazy to hold it!
This clutch is available here (or click my photo above) for £3.85 instead of the RRP: £11.81!

Ladies Coco Hoodie
Now, excuse the photo on this one, I am pretty awful at taking pictures of clothing pieces and I'm going to need to practice! But with that aside, this is the Coco hoodie that I've seen on numerous Tumblr and WeHeartIt pictures so I had to have it in my life! I chose the grey version (as opposed to white) as I know how easy it is for white clothing pieces to get dirty and look washed out. The front of the hoodie says 'No 9 Coco Hollywood since 2009' in bold black letters and on the back it says 'No 9' once more. I chose mine in a large which is a UK 10, I'm usually an 8 so I thought this would be a good size up as a lot of Asian sizing is smaller than ours. The hoodie fits quite well apart from being a tad short on the arms so if I could go back, I probably would have ordered it in an XL so it was slightly more baggier and comfier, but I only wear this to bed on chilly evenings so I'm not too fussed since I won't be seen in public! One other thing I noticed was the drawstrings on the hood, they seem of very cheap quality, almost like thin shoe laces which I think ruins the overall look, but as I said I don't wear this out and about and from afar you wouldn't really notice this, it's only when you're up close and use them that you can see and feel the quality. This hoodie is on their site for £2.41 and you can find it here.

8 Professional Makeup Set Brushes
I think the hardest decision on this product was choosing the colour that I wanted! They have lots of different variations but I went with pink and silver! I see these around on many eBay beauty bargain videos that feature cheaper brush sets and they always say they work superbly so I wanted to get a set too! As the title suggests, you get 8 brushes in the packet which consist of:
Tapered Face Brush, Round Face Brush, Round Angled Brush, Flat Foundation Brush, Small Tapered Eye Brush, Small Round Eye Brush, Small Flat Eye Brush & Small Angled Eye Brush.
The pack of brushes arrive in a clear plastic sealable bag and each brush is individually encased in a plastic sealing that you just pop the brush out of. The handles of these brushes are very sturdy and made from wood and the silver metal part seems well-made. The bristles on these brushes are super soft and quite fluffy, which I didn't expect on some of the face brushes, I would have preferred some of the tapered face brushes to have a more dense bristle type than fluffy so that I can work my foundation or concealer in better. I have noticed that in my pack of brushes that 5 - 6 of them seem to have a purple tint on the bristles and then the others have white tint, there seems no correlation in these (It's not to show you which are for your face and which are for your eyes) so I am slightly confused by this and assume it's a manufacturing fault. It does not bother me and it doesn't affect their performance but I just found it odd and decided to comment on it. I have yet to clean these brushes so cannot comment on how well they wash, I am just hoping that I will not get any problems with bristles falling out but I am very careful with my brush cleansing and always dry them upside down so I shouldn't have much of a problem!
Upon receiving and opening this package I found the brushes had a very odd smell to them, I am unsure how to describe it but it's an almost plastic factory smell to them so I would suggest airing them out like I have as the smell is now almost gone! You can get a pack of these here for £2.38.

DressLink Overall Opinion
I am exceptionally pleased with the quality of these products that I was gifted. I didn't expect too much for the prices and even though I found the odd one or two faults on things I didn't like about them, they were nothing too extreme and were usually just a personal preference. I really recommend having a look at their site (click the banner above) or here and find yourself a bargain! Just remember that postage takes a little longer due to the services being outside of the UK.
Thank you very much Lendy for getting in contact with me.

- Emily x 

* I was gifted these items by DressLink but all opinions are my own

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