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Hello everyone! 
It's finally summer! Although the British weather is reflecting winter right now with lots of rain and cloud but what were us brits meant to expect?? Fingers crossed the sun will shine before summer ends and that we get at least a few days of sunshine to enjoy. With that said, I'm here to talk about shaving and how I've managed to get an incredibly smooth shave from a razor! (Yes, I found a razor that doesn't cause any friction or cuts!) I'm sure you're pretty eager to find out what this product is so lets get on with it!

Friction Free Shaving
Friction Free Shaving are an incredible subscription service that send you your pick of razor and then each month you'll be topped up with blades from as little as £3! There is a choice of 3 razors that differentiate between blade numbers. This cheapest has 2 blades heads, the middle band has 3 blade heads and then the most expensive (at only £7 a month) has 5 blade heads. I chose the 5 blade headed razor which is a gorgeous rose gold colour so perfect for us stereotypical bloggers and youtubers right? 

The idea behind FFS is to let us ladies know that we pay far too much for razor blade refills and overuse them (because they're so damn expensive!) which causes our skin to have to deal with horrible bacteria and blunt blades, eventually leading to those little nicks we get on our skin and lets face it, they aren't nice!

The service is professional and reliable and allow you to cancel or change your subscription at any time. Another awesome idea of theirs is that if you find you aren't using all the blades that you get through the post and can't use them all up then you can choose to receive an alternative gift to an equivalent value for the next month! I think that's such a good idea especially if you only shave for special occasions so don't require tons of refills.

Shaving with FFS
I received my shaver in a lovely white recyclable box the other week and was very keen to try it out asap! I have to admit I was astounded at how the razor worked and that's no exaggeration. I exfoliated my legs as usual and prepped them with women's shaving foam as I like to have a barrier between hair and blade during a shave. The blade glided along my skin like silk which I don't even get with my pretty expensive Venus Rollerball Razor and it didn't even feel like I was touching my skin let alone shaving it. I always tend to get little cuts when I shave even when I try to be as careful as possible but this razor caused no cuts or irritation which surprised me because as I've said before, I've purchased much more expensive razors and thought it was just my skin and perhaps my method of how I shaved. 
Once I'd shaved both legs fully, they felt lovely and soft like I'd waxed them and I found my shave lasted 1 - 3 days. I have to admit that I am a dark haired girl so shaving does not last long for me and I have to shave pretty much every other day for a smooth look (Brunette problems..) so if you're blonde you'd probably have silky looking legs for a week! 

I think it's clear to see that I am sold on this amazing service! I was kindly gifted this razor with 4 blades but as always I give my honest opinion and I was gobsmacked by it's performance (so much so that I went and tweeted immediately after trying it for the first time!)
Told you I wasn't joking! I headed straight to Twitter after it! So with that all said, if you're looking for a razor that gives you a silky soft feel whilst receiving blades monthly to avoid bacteria and irritation then you should go check out Friction Free Shaving and order your subscription service today!

- Emily x

* I was gifted the razor and 4 blades but all opinions are my own, I was not paid to write this review.

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  1. I definitely need to get on this! I'm awful when it comes to shaving and that razor is beautiful, so it would definitely encourage me to be bothered to do it!

    Latté Leanne xx

  2. Oh wow this seems like an awesome concept! Razor heads are ridiculously overpriced so it's nice to see somebody bringing cheaper options to the market. I really like the look of the razor itself too, so sleek and shiny haha! | Bloglovin’ 

  3. I've never tried out this company - did you find them good to work with? I always value what other bloggers have to say about brands! The razor sounds fab, I usually use disposable ones from Venus as they're often the best value options, but I'm very tempted by a FFS razor! Thanks for sharing 💗

    Abbey ✨

    1. They were an absolute dream to work with. They replied swiftly and sent out my package the same day! From that alone, I can tell they are a dedicated business! x


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