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Hello everyone! 
We are in July and this means one thing for me.. BIRTHDAY MONTH! I turn 20 on 27th July which is pretty mad. I still look like a 14 year old although I do feel mature for my age so I guess I compensate in one way. I'm at the time in the year where friends, family and my boyfriend are constantly asking me what I'd like for my 20th to which I respond 'I don't know..' I swear there's a million and one things I want during the year but when it comes to either my birthday or Christmas I suddenly have 0 ideas.. why?!
I've sat down and thoroughly had a think about what it is I actually want and would love to receive for my birthday and compiled this list. I am in no way expecting any of these items, heck they are expensive, but I find something very satisfying about writing up wish lists and it gives me goals to save up for when I've got a little extra cash to hand.

Birthday wishlist:
I would love to have this item in my collection because I've seen many people say this is an amazing base and keeps your eyeshadows in place and pigmented through the day or it's great as a natural flush of colour on the lids. This seems to be a staple piece in most beauty blogger collections so I would like for it to be in mine.

I was very close to buying this when I visited Milton Keynes in June but I kept getting pretty panicky in store and ended up just buying a blush from them. I still keep getting pangs of regret for not picking this beaut up so what a lovely gift this would be! 

I really want to own some of Mac's iconic lipsticks and I purchased Creme Cup the other day and love the formula. Velvet Teddy is next on my wishlist. 

I know of many youtubers and bloggers who use this before makeup, during makeup and after makeup so this would be super handy for me! 

I cannot decide which I prefer but they are both super pretty and I know a lot of people love these. 

Another item I nearly purchased when in Milton Keynes but shyed away (Anxiety is a pain in the backside). This blush is a cult classic and looks so pretty!

A lipgloss to compliment the blush shade, this looks like it would be my staple colour! I love pinky nudes.

I've wanted 'Adorable' since watching DramaticMac's video where she featured this. It looks bloody beautiful! 'Babe' just looks like a gorgeous pink shade that I need in my life.

I don't own a single lip oil and I've heard they are so good to use. The raspberry one is nourishing with I think I need most!

As I've said, I do not expect a single one of these items and I would happily save up for them myself. These are just some of the items I have lusted for and hope to one day have in my collection!

- Emily x

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    1. They're too good to miss! Thank you lovely x

  2. I have a lot of these products on my wish list too, including the MAC highlighter!

    Emily xo

    1. They're all so beautiful aren't they? I need them in my life ha! x


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