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Hello everyone! 
Do you ever get to that point where your makeup collection is piling up yet you still only reach for a select few items? I got to that point the other day and decided that I'd finally sort through my mountain of makeup and either keep it, donate it or bin it! I must say, I was pretty ruthless and ended up binning and giving away quite a few pieces so I thought the easiest way to write this post was to split it into two, so this post is focusing on the items I'm deciding to give away (to my mum most likely!) and you can catch my post about the items I'm binning at a later date!

Kelly Brook Eyeshadow Quad
So the shadows in this quad are unique and something I don't really have much of so why am I getting rid of it? Well, blue shadows just don't seem to work for me, they look childish & odd on my complexion and against my eye colour, so no matter what I do I just can't get blues to work. I'm not too gutted to see this go though because I got this in a set of 4 and I've kept the other 3 because they are super pretty and I actually do wear them often. The product itself is great and the shadows are lovely with good pigmentation so I'm very sure the receiver will enjoy this quad! 

Technic Sultry Palette
This mini palette is cute and has some nice neutrals but I can honestly say 90% of my eyeshadow collection contains neutral palettes and I needed to part with at least one, this one happened to be it!

Bourjois Blush in 03 Brun Cuivré
This little blush is a lovely colour and I was 50/50 on whether to keep or donate. I've recently added Nars' Orgasm & Mac's Warm Soul to my collection and I just feel I'm not going to ever reach for this blush. I don't think I've actually touched this item in about a year, there's not even a dent in it and it's not pigmented enough to use as a shadow so I'm waving farewell to it with hope whoever I give this to enjoys it!

Makeup Gallery Blusher
So I'll be the first to admit that this blush is amazing when you consider I got it from Poundland but once again I needed to be ruthless with my blushers, I have a fair few from Milani, MUR & Sleek, some samples from Benefit and one from Soap & Glory (along with the Mac and Nars one) so I didn't want to hoard anymore blushers, especially when I have shades similar to this that I love a lot more. 

Technic "Prime It" Illuminating Face Primer
This primer is great and all but I'm more of a matte girl! Dewy effect skin makes me look more oily than I already am so I need to try and steer clear from anything that provides luminosity (unless it's highlight, I love my highlight!). I've used this once so it's got tons of use in it and it felt criminal just to chuck it away!

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer
I've been a lover of this for a while but I recently invested in the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden and fell in love. Obviously the higher end brand has better lasting power so I was always going to pick that over this one but don't get me wrong, this primer is pretty great and I'd rather someone else got good use out of it instead of it drying up in my collection.

MUA Extreme Volume Mascara
I didn't actually realise I had this in my collection so when I found it I was slightly confused as to when I tried this out. I'm pretty certain this was the mascara I won in the MUA Halloween Giveaway they did back in October 2015 and I must've tested it once because the seal wasn't on the tube but the mascara formula is like brand new and good to use so who knows! I have plenty of mascara right now so I've decided just to give this away.

Technic Monster Lash Mascara
I liked this mascara on my lashes but for me to keep a mascara I need to LOVE it. I'm a huge lover of long voluminous lashes and if the mascara doesn't provide enough, I usually gravitate back towards a different mascara I've previously used and hyped about. This mascara gave great length but I wouldn't say it gave me volume so I think someone who has shorter lashes would definitely benefit from this more than me!

Makeup Gallery Plump Up The Volume Mascara
Like my Technic mascara, I did like this product I just didn't adore it enough to keep using it. Once again, it gave me great length but just not the fullness and volume that I get from other mascaras. For a mascara that claims to be volumising, I was a little disappointed in that respect.

Lip Products: 
Makeup Gallery Intense Sparkle Gloss & Intense Colour Gloss
I must seem like I keep going on about Makeup Gallery but I just don't seem to love their products enough to keep them in my collection but I feel someone else would! These glosses were nice but they were a bit too sticky for my liking and I have hair that loves to stick to anything so a slight breeze would mean I'd be eating my own hair, yuck! The colour of the pink gloss was really nice so I wish the formula would have been better! The intense sparkle gloss was definitely not intense and more of a clear gloss with a slight bit of shine.

Technic Lipstick in Bahamas and Tinted Lip Balm
Again, I seem to keep bringing up this brand which doesn't mean I dislike them, no, not at all! I just feel their product misses something, whether it be it's pigmentation or the formula just isn't my cup of tea.. The lipstick is crazily pigmented, so great for those girls out there who love bright pink but I just can't seem to rock this particular shade, it makes me look even paler than I am due to it's brightness. The same goes for the lip balm, the pigmentation is so good but it's just the shade doesn't work for me! (If you're thinking 'then why did you pick up shades you knew wouldn't work for you??' I was actually gifted these for a review on their products so I didn't actually get a say in what shades I'd prefer, it's just the luck of the draw!) 

Face Products: 
Technic Highlighter Stick
This highlight stick was actually really good but I already own the Collection Speedy Highlighter which I find blends better on my skin. I decided that I didn't need to keep two as this one would just go to waste and who would want that?!

PS... Colour Corrector Stick
So this works pretty well so why am I donating this? Do you ever find you use an item a lot and then just slowly begin to forget about it and never use it again? Yeah, that's the case for this one! I would definitely recommend these as they do work but I just find concealer works well enough for my under eye circles so why double up a layer when one is enough!

Garnier Light Eye Roll-on
Just like the CC stick, I've forgotten all about this product, oops! This is really nice for under the eyes when they're feeling puffy and swollen but I don't tend to reach for it enough to justify keeping it. I would much rather someone else make use of it and benefit from the effects!

Makeup Gallery Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder
Okay, so I've made a dent in this. Do you think it's cheeky to pass this on when it's hit pan? Perhaps.. So I'm giving this as an option to my mum, it's there if she wants it but if not then I'm happy to throw it out. There's plenty of product left and this was a good backup whilst I had to wait to go and buy a better powder but I wouldn't want to continue to use it, it didn't have as great staying powder and if you're an oily girl like me then you need a good setting powder!

What did you think of the items I'm giving away? Are you going to have a clear out of your makeup collection anytime soon? Be sure to keep an eye on my blog for my post about the items I'm chucking out!

- Emily x

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  1. I love these type of blog posts, and I love doing this myself with my own makeup collection. Really good to see a little in sight into your makeup collection babe :) Great post!

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||


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