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Hello everyone! 
Say hello to the first drugstore rainbow highlighter to hit the stores! There was a random hype when a mysterious rainbow highlighter hit the beauty world earlier this year and everyone was amazed by it's appearance but it was super expensive and not easy to get so 2True have released this gorgeous highlighter for £4.95! Keep on reading if you're interested to see what exactly a rainbow highlight looks like and whether it's any good or not!

So lets start off with the packaging and the actual product. It's no secret that this design is probably one of the cutest (and prettiest) I've set my eyes on, I absolutely love the rainbow space effect with the white text on the top of the lid! When you open it up you will find the huge pan of highlighter inside which contains stripes of lilac, yellow, orange, mint green and blue which may seem quite scary at first when you realise that this is mean to go onto your face. The powders are pigmented enough to give a subtle glow but are easily build-able to create a more intense rainbow effect so you don't have to fret if you have no idea what you're doing! Even better, this product becomes multi-use as you can use these shades individually to create shimmery pastel eye looks but I haven't tried this as of yet!

Trying to get a picture of this highlight wasn't the easiest! I would either like how I looked in the photo but the highlight didn't pick up or the highlight looked the bomb but I looked atrocious! This was the only photo I could work with that showcased the highlight decently. As you can see on my cheekbone there is a sheen that picks up all different colours at different angles, this particular angle let the green, blue and yellow shine the most (at least that's what I see!) That's the beauty of a rainbow highlight, you will see a different colour depending on what angle you are being seen from!

I was reluctant to put the following picture in as when edited, the highlight can't be seen but it's terribly dark when it's left raw and let's not even mention my face! Lets forget about picture perfect photos and stare at how glorious the highlight is here!

Overall I am very happy with how this product works, especially for under a fiver! At first I didn't think the shades would blend enough which would end up in me having horrible lines of random colours on my face but I was very wrong and I need to go and try this out as an eyeshadow palette now because imagine how great a glowy pastel look would be! 

This Rainbeau Highlighter is available on 2True's website for £4.95 so why not head over there? 

- Emily x

* I was sent this product via 2True for reviewing purposes only, I was not paid for this post

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  1. This looks stunning! And I cannot believe that it is so inexpensive. I'm not sure if we get this brand here but I need to look out for it. Thanks for sharing! :) x

    1. It's beautiful! So different yet wearable. You could order it off their website, pretty sure they do free shipping if you spend a small amount as well! x

  2. This is gorgeous! Really wanting to try out new highlight, so this might need to be my next purchase!

    Karina | http://karinaheart.com

  3. This rainbow highlighter looks so cool. Also, your lashes are so long and pretty!

    - Maya at www.TheKelleyDoll.com

  4. Wow, what a fab product! Great to see how it looks on you as well, it's super pigmented 😍😍 Can't believe it's so cheap too! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  5. 2True are a great, cheaper brand. I love their lipglosses! That highlighter is gorgeous and inexpensive too!

    Sian x

  6. I am such a sucker for product packaging that is so beautiful! It looks great on you :)



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