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Hello everyone! 
I got the chance to personalise my own matte lip colours and I couldn't say no! The shades available are absolutely beautiful and lets not forget to mention how cute the bottles are with MY OWN logo on! I could quite easily pretend I had my own makeup line (Oh I wish!). So you have probably guessed by now that I'm going to be talking about these bottles of gorgeousness and swatching them for you! 

Shade 7003
I'm going to start with my favourite shade, the palest pink nude! I do wish these all had names but at least we have some numbers to work with in case you only want to purchase a single colour (They sell them individually or as a 6 pack). This shade is the perfect nude with brown & pink tones running through it. The best thing about this colour is that it isn't dull or draining of colour (I'm talking more about us pale people here that struggle to find nudes that actually work!). The formula of this applies effortlessly, one swipe and you're good to go, no need to apply lots of layers!

Shade 7013
This colour is a lot more pinker than the first nude but still just as gorgeous. It's got just the right amount of pink to make it easy to wear on a daily basis without it looking too "barbie" like which I very much approve of! The formula is the same as shade 7003 where you are done in one coat.

Shade 7020
This is the last of the nudes but more of an orange based colour! I have to admit that when I swatched this on the back of my hand I did fear it was going to be way too orange to work with my complexion but I was very wrong! I actually love how this looks on me and a little goes such a long way, the pigmentation of this (and the others) are extraordinary.

Shade 7019
Now we are onto the darks and I feared that the darks may apply quite patchy! It's common for those matte shades that are red, purple or berry to be hard to apply but this particular shade impressed me! I only had to apply this burgundy red once to get this coverage on my lips. There was no patchy areas and everything appeared silky smooth, a perfect brown red for the upcoming cold months!

Shade 7009
This shade is your typical deep berry colour which I adore for autumn time. This particular one was the only one to apply slightly patchy (which you can probably see in this photo mainly on my bottom lip where is looks almost 'worn'.) I should have gone back in and applied another layer but I just wanted to showcase that it's nothing horrendous and can easily be sorted with another layer on top! My top lip shows perfectly what the colour would look like all over if you followed my steps above and as I said it's literally perfect for an autumnal look!

Shade 7007
Can we just talk about the pigmentation of this colour? Yes, this was ONE layer.. Magic. 
I think this has to be my second favourite of the lot as it's that perfect red that matches my paleness but would also work with a a tanned or dark complexion too. Every girl needs a red lipstick in her life and I've now found my matte liquid version of it! I'm not a pro at lining my lips and filling them in as you've probably noticed in my swatch pictures but somehow this red worked so well with me and didn't decide to bleed or smudge. Bonus points!!

Thoughts on the formula of the matte liquid lipsticks
I think it's quite noticeable from my swatches that I've really enjoyed these lippies. The pigmentation of them are impressive and they dry matte in seconds which is perfect if you are in a rush! They are creamy and don't feel drying at all but stay on effortlessly with no transfer. You only need one layer to create a full on colour look (excluding shade 7009 which would need 2) which is so surprising as all liquid lipsticks I've ever had need at least 2 layers to get an even colour. 

Okay so we've spoken about the actual liquid product but what about the amazing print that is on the side? Crowd Colour suggested that my blog banner would work really nicely on the tube as it has a pop of colour (which you can actually see through the sides and it looks super cool if I may so myself!) so we went ahead with that and this was the final product. You can choose to have whatever you want printed on these lippies which means they make the best presents for a friend or family! At only £7.99 each or £30 for the full set  (£47.94 after the introductory offer) you can afford to spoil yourself or a friend.

If you fancy picking up some of your own or perhaps taking a nosey at their other beauty items then pop on over to their website:

- Emily x

* I was kindly sent these liquid lipsticks for reviewing purposes only, I was not paid for this post.

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  1. Gorgeous post Emily! My favorite lip colour is the 70009 looks gorgeous on you! Lots of love xx // Imogen

  2. Wow, those are gorgeous colors! I can't believe you got to pick your own shades! To be honest, I really love your banner on the bottles. I think 7003 and 7013 are my favorites. Well done!! xx


  3. Oh this is sooooo cool! And the colors are really pretty!! Xx

  4. This is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I think 7003 and 7009 were my favourites, especially for this time of year :) Your banner also fits these bottles so well, maybe it's time to create that makeup line... ;) haha


    Izzy |

  5. These look fab! Love the shade 7013 and think I'll have to get it for myself. Great post xxx

  6. These are so cute, would make a lovely gift I think! I like personalised anything, haha.

  7. Shade 7003 is definitely my favourite, it really suits your skin tone! So cute to get them personalised as well, your blog banner looks so good on the packaging! 😍

    Abbey ✨

  8. Some really pretty shades!!!!
    I would love to get some of my own cosmetics personalised, its such a great idea for gifts especially those that are makeup mad!
    Lots of love, Debra-Bow xx |

  9. I was lucky enough to get some of these to review too - awesome aren't they? I love the different shades and can't wait to do my own review on them. Loved your review babe! πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸ’«✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||


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