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Revealing natural beauty with Benecos..
Today's last mini valentine post is centred around some natural makeup pieces from Benecos and also a super handy lip balm that prevents cold sores! 
I created a look this morning using the three products I was sent and loved how they performed! 
I was sent a quad palette and 2 lip products from Benecos, a brand that specialises in revealing natural beauty with products that are just as natural themselves! All of their items are cruelty free, vegan and BDIH certified which is a German organisation that sets guidelines to certify natural products so you won't find any mineral oils, paraffins or silicones in their makeup items. 

(Eye look using their palette)
The quad I received was the Coffee & Cream Quattro Eye Palette which is full of beautiful nude tones, definitely great for an everyday look. I used all of the shades in my look so that I could put them to the test. The lightest shade was placed on my lid and inner corner for a brightening effect, a mixture of the beige shimmer and copper toned brown was placed in my crease and then the dark brown was used on my outer corner to smoke it out. I found the eyeshadows were decently pigmented, especially the copper brown. The only shadow I struggled to get to show was the beige colour as it's pretty much the tone of my skin so it didn't do much for my eyes and that was the reason I had to mix it with the other colour. Apart from that shade, the others were great and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the lightest shade had a lot of pigment to it as normally light colours can be chalky, create fall out and don't show up on my skin. The palette can be purchased for £6.95 here.

(Kiss Me Lipgloss)
The first lip product I tried was their lipgloss in the shade Kiss Me. I'm not normally a fan of lip glosses but I think I may be a convert to natural ones. The formula of this lip gloss is not sticky, in fact it glides on easily and you can talk without your lips sticking together. The pigmentation of this product is incredible, I did not expect it to come out so red but it did in fact deliver. The only downside I found was the application and wearability. The gloss applies quite streakily if you keep going over certain areas, if you're going to build up the colour then you need to go over the full lip again rather than touching up a certain area as you can see the lines of new gloss. I also feel like the wearability of this gloss would not be ideal for a meal as being a gloss, it transfers very easily. However, it makes it perfect for a date to the movies or if you want some cheeky selfies! Their natural glosses are £6.95 here.

(First Love Lipstick)
The last lip product was a lipstick in the shade First Love, a lovely muted pink. It's definitely not as bold as the red gloss which makes it good for someone who may not be as keen to make a statement with their lip product. Their lipsticks glided on effortlessly, felt really moisturising on my lips and stayed put, a lot better for a date that involves food! The lipsticks can be purchased for £6.95 here.

Keep coldsores away with... liquorice?
I felt it would be fitting to place this nifty little balm into this post as I've been wearing it under all my lippies lately to help prevent coldsores. But has it been proven? Herpes Virus Association trialled a liquorice balm which was found to reduce the frequency and intensity of cold sores if it's used regularly. They set up a double-blind trial for 40 people and the results concluded that 73% of these subjects said it reduced the severity and duration of outbreaks and 83% said they experienced less severe outbreaks compared to their usual treatment used. The actual ingredient in the liquorice that helps fight coldsores is glycyrrhizic acid which specifically targets the genes that are required to maintain the virus and will interfere with the proteins that help to feed the infected cells.

I definitely had no idea about liquorice being a super handy preventive so to learn something new from a little lip balm is fab! I'm personally not a lover of liquorice but the scent of the balm is very subtle and it cannot be tasted on the lips, so if you're like me and aren't a fan, fear not! I simply pop this balm on like any normal moisturising lip product and let it do its magic! This balm can be purchased for £7.95 from Skin Shop.

So this concludes my post! What do you think about natural products and coldsore preventing balms? Pretty snazzy right!

- Emily x

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  1. Love your look the eye quad is so pretty! I love the first love shade!

  2. love the lipstick such a pretty shade

  3. Never heard of this brand before but the products look gorgeous xxx

  4. This is a new one! Looks great on you, will need to give these a try, love the eyeshadow palette xx

  5. I'm SO impressed that there's a lipbalm for preventing cold sores - I am forever plagued with them during the winter months so I definitely need to pick up this product! You look fab in all your pics as always, Emily!

    Abbey 😘

  6. I love this makeup look, it's so natural for an everyday look. I particularly love it with the First Love lipstick as it compliments the look more. Also, thanks for sharing your coldsore remedy, I had no idea liquorice helped. I've always suffered with them and hate the rundown feeling I get. I will check this brand out 😊
    Jaz xoxo

  7. I need to get that lip balm! When I get really stressed I end up with cold sores. Those eye shadows look so nice!

    Tania. ||

  8. I love the eye quad the colours are gorgeous, and so affordable at £6.95. I'm not a fan of lip glosses but these ones look so nice!


    Kerry || ||

  9. I've never heard of this brand but the eye quad has some such gorgeous colours and the eye look you created is gorgeous!
    Amy xx

  10. I have a few products from Benecos that I am playing with currently and I do love the sound of that liquorice balm x

  11. The liquorice balm looks amazing! I'm a huge lover of black sambuca so this would be right up my street haha!

    Holly x

  12. Such a pretty look Emily! I love that lipstick, such a gorgeous colour. And that lipbalm sounds interesting. I don't get coldsores but have a few friends who do so I'll have to recommend this!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  13. I always love seeing your blogger mail on snapchat! I get so excited for other bloggers receiving items in the post!

    Everything you received looks great (I don't know how I'd feel about the liquorice balm though as I ain't a fan of liquorice - but that's amazing it can suppress cold sores).

    Keep up the fab content on all of your platforms sweetie!

    Charlene McElhinney

  14. Love this - all the products look so fab! x

  15. Such a lovely look on you! xxxxxx

  16. Love the overall look but the Kiss Me gloss looks soooo amazing on you! :) x

  17. The palette looks so pretty, perfect colours!! and who know liquorice prevents cold sores!!!!
    Thanks for sharing xox

  18. This is a lovely makeup look :)

    Thanks for sharing
    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog |

  19. I've not heard of this brand before but their products look great! I love the eye look you created!


  20. Such a great post Emily! Love how much detail and information you've shared about everything. I've never heard of this brand and you sold it to me so well haha! Loved your looks too xx

  21. How is there a lip balm that prevents cold sores? That's amazing! I love the look you created. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  22. Love how you tried each product individually and reviewed it - really good write up :) can't believe liquorice might prevent cold sores?! Incredible.


  23. I've never heard of this brand but they look like great quality at reasonable prices! I might have to check them out!

    Sian x

  24. I loved the look of all the products in this post 😍 I've never heard of the brands before but I will definitely be checking them out after reading this ❤️


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