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Zadig & Voltaire: This is Her! This is Him! Fragrances
Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea but the thought of having a matching fragrance with my partner is appealing and when I got the chance to review Zadig & Voltaire's couple fragrances I couldn't decline! It also meant that I could get Matt involved with my post and I have to say, he's really enjoyed trialling his new scent! This blog post is going to cover both of the fragrances (just in case you're just after one for yourself), how they lasted, our genuine thoughts and where you can buy them.

Sleek, Stylish & Appealing to the eye..
Let's start with packaging.. I absolutely love the monochrome colour choice for the scents as it distinguishes exactly which is the male fragrance and which is the female. There's no fancy design, straight to the point and easy on the eye which we both have agreed appeal to us. I find that the colour for both of the scents are selected appropriately for the gender: the female fragrance is white which I feel matches to a light scent best and 'This is Her!' is definitely the lightest of the two. The male fragrance is a sleek black and definitely represents a deep scent which 'This is Him!' oozes. 
The bottles have weight to them which shows they are made from good quality material and I feel when a product feels heavy, it makes it seem much more luxurious. The bottle is rectangular apart from one side (which you will see more on below) and there is one large label on the front and back which both read the same: Brand name, Edition, Size and whether it's a perfume or toilette.

A matching pair..
What I really love about their packaging is the attention to detail on the fact it's a matching couple perfume. At first, the bottles appear just to have a fancy shape on one side but on closer inspection the bottles actually fit together perfectly and then the labels join together so that the brand name reads perfectly. How cute! 

This Is Her!..
I have been testing out the female fragrance (obviously!) and I had a super hard time trying to distinguish what notes were actually in this. I got a hint of floral tones but apart from that, it was a bit of a mystery! Their website reads "Sensual, free and jauntily, floral bouquet mixing Arabian jasmine, pink peppercorn, chestnut and vanilla, associated with sandalwood as base note, the Zadig & Voltaire signature" which of course, now that I know what they are, makes complete sense. I find this scent really appropriate for day wear as it's light and subtle but has enough power to last throughout the day as a gorgeous scent. It's also very sophisticated which is appealing to me now since I am 20 and want to delve into more luxurious feminine scents rather than my beloved sweet girly scents from my teenage years.

This Is Her! can be purchased for the following prices:
(Click the links to go directly to the product)
 £70 for 100ml
£50 for 50ml
£40 for 30ml

This Is Him!..
Matt immediately got wearing his fragrance and since he's been back to work recently it was a great time to trial out this scent especially as he works with the general public. This Is Him! reads as 'Manly, wild and free, mixing spicy incense, grapefruit, black pepper and vanilla, associated with sandalwood as base note, the Zadig & Voltaire signature'
The male version is definitely deeper and heavier, still appropriate for day time but more noticeable than the lighter female scent. It would also work well for night time use as well, something I wouldn't agree with on This Is Her!. During the time Matt has being wearing his new scent, he has been complimented on it at work by members of the public which is a huge positive in deciding our opinion of this scent. The fact that strangers had gone out of their way to compliment the scent means it's definitely making a statement. 
After asking Matt his final opinions he said "I really liked the scent, it was long lasting throughout the day of a busy bar shift and over time it developed into a musky version of the original spicy scent first sprayed"

This Is Him! can be purchased for the following prices:
(Click the links to go directly to the product)
 £55 for 100ml
£40 for 50ml
£35 for 30ml

And an extra little treat..
We were very kindly sent two bags along with our fragrances, one for me and one for matt that we're already using! We received one drawstring bag (which I've claimed) and also a duffle bag which Matt is currently using. They are the perfect size for work so that's what ours have become as they fit in everything we need to take with us. I am very fond of my drawstring bag as the embossed Zadig & Voltaire pattern makes the bag look quite luxurious and then the metal + fabric chain adds some extra sophistication to a gorgeous sleek black bag. At the moment I've fitted all my work essentials in there with plenty of room for extra bits and it doesn't feel heavy on my shoulder, it fits comfortably and doesn't fall whilst out and about (which sometimes shoulder bags tend to do).
The duffle bag is a perfect size for everything Matt takes to work, he used to have a bag double the size which had way too much free space so now that he's halved the size, it's made life just that little easier on his walk to work. There's still plenty of room inside even with his gear in there which makes it very good for everyday use. 
The quality of the bags are really good as they don't feel cheap and they seem like they could handle a lot of weight in them. 
At the moment I am unsure whether these bags can be purchased as part of a gift set or separately but I will update this post accordingly! 

Do you have a signature scent with your other half? Maybe you're after one after reading this post? Let me know!

- Emily x

* I was sent these products for reviewing purposes only, I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own

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  1. This sounds like quite the fragrance! I'm in love with the simple packaging and I find it amusing the descriptions they gave the scents but it still seems quite fitting with your description. If anything I think having a matching fragrance would be quite fun. Thanks for sharing this! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  2. I'm not sure my other half would be up for matching fragrances, haha! I love that the bottles fit together, that's so cute ♥

  3. Ow this sounds lovely the bad is super cute too!

  4. This is so cute! I love how the bottles fit together and the bags too, such a sweet idea x

  5. I love how they sent you a bag to, how nice!! I love the look of the bottles, they are so cute!! xox

  6. I love the idea of a his and hers fragrance with two scents that compliment each other! Love the shapes of the bottles too!

    Sian x

  7. I love this idea of a couples perfume, the blag is lovely too! xXx

  8. These both sound amazing and I love the way the bottles it into each other! I use Black Peony from Zara - it smells amazing!

  9. these sounds soo nice I love the monochrome bottles to

  10. So many goodies here, Emily! I'm intrigued by the concept of a couples fragrance, definitely only one for those in a long term relationship as it might be a bit of a freaky prezzie for a new bf/gf haha! I'm a big fan of vanilla and sandalwood so I'm sure I'd love the guys fragrance!

    Abbey 😘

  11. Loooove the packaging of this! Also amazing how they sent you a bag too, such a lovely gesture.
    Kerry || ||

  12. I think this is a really lovely idea and I've never seen anything like it before - I would definitely be up for matching scents with my boyfriend!
    Amy xx

  13. I have this as well and absolutely adore both fragrances x

  14. Ugh you couples make me sick! haha I'm just kidding! This looks and sounds like such a cute idea and it looks so sophisticated with the monochrome detailing! Brilliant post!

    Holly x

  15. Ooh these sound like great scents and they look so pretty together! I'm not sure how into matching scents my bf would be but I'll have to check these out. And I love those two bags you got sent

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  16. Packaging looks so nice!! I don't think my OH would like matching scents though, I suggested matching jumpers once and he looked at me like I was mental haha xxxxxx

  17. Love the luxurious and mature looking packaging! The sound of sandalwood in hers makes me want to take a whiff! :D x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  18. Great review :)

    Me and my BF have got a couple perfume/aftershave without realising haha! We have the Paco Rabanne Invictus & Olympea :)

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog |

  19. I love the idea of his and her fragrances! Not something i've ever thought of myself! Great post lovely :)


  20. I think it's so cool to have a his and her fragrance! Awesome that they sent you the bag as well x

  21. I watched your Snapchat story about these and I was really intrigued ❤️ So I'm really glad I got to read the whole post on them ❤️


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