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TheUniBox Subscription Box
You may be wondering why I got my hands on a uni box when I'm technically not at university.. well fun fact, I used to be! I was studying FdSc Veterinary Nursing before I decided it really wasn't for me and ended up returning to college last year to begin beauty therapy.. So all in all, I feel I've got a decent knowledge of what it's like to be a student, after all I currently am one and I'm now living with my boyfriend so it's just like being at a university again (with the whole no parents thing!). So today I will be discussing TheUniBox and whether I feel you students (or a family member) should invest in this little life saver!

Feb TheUniBox
The idea behind TheUniBox
Lots of parents and relatives worry when their loved ones go to university and I can completely understand why! They are embracing life as an individual with no one to tell them what to do and that can mean all sorts of trouble! The Uni Box decided to create a care package so that families and friends could send it out to whoever they wanted to assure they were getting some healthy and required essentials which I think is a fab idea! I was sent February's box and it contained some really good products that are super handy and something you usually wouldn't think of for yourself!

Carpe Caffeine Flask
Carpe Caffeine Flask
A life saver and an essential for any student! If you like hot drinks that is.. I'm a bit of a weird one and actually don't.. but with that aside, how lovely is this flask? I'm actually quite gutted I don't drink hot drinks as I would have loved to take this to college with me but I'm sure I will find another use for it.. or just pop some juice in it! The flask itself is made of really good quality material and the stopper feels secure when closed.

Mallow and Marsh Bars
Mallow and Marsh Bars
These bars were hidden inside my flask and I was super excited when I read they were marshmallow! I am a lover of marshmallow and I've never tried anything like this before. Unfortunately I do not like coconut (I'm really fussy!) so I'll be passing that onto someone else but the raspberry one coated in dark chocolate was right up my street. Whenever I think of something with marshmallow I instantly think it's full of sugar and bad for you but these bars have very little calories! (Coconut one is under 100 calories and the Raspberry one is under 150). After taste testing the raspberry one, I was definitely sold on these bars as they are full of taste and really fill me up for the next few hours. If you're interested in these bars then you can find out more here

We Are Little's Coffee
Now as stated before, I'm not a lover of hot drinks so this includes coffee too. This certain one is a coconut infused instant coffee and they do over 12 flavours! For students, I can see this being super helpful for those early mornings or for a pick me up after a heavy night. Even better, this coffee is 100% natural, has no added sugar and only has 4 calories per serving. If you're interested in seeing more about these infused coffee products then check out their site here.

Quibbles Wasabi Trio
I loved the idea of these little nibbles as I always feel like student snacking involves chocolate, crisps and all sorts of unhealthy junk! But I love how businesses are bringing out food snacks like this where normal (and maybe boring) food items are spiced up with a flavour and in this case it's wasabi. Inside this pack contains broad beans, peas and ravioli peanuts - a concoction I never would have put together but works surprisingly well. Quibbles do lots of varieties of snacks so you should go check out their website here.

Nom Original Oat Bar
A perfect breakfast food for students, it's quick and easy which is obviously a must for a teen who needs to be out the door. The nom bar is organic, vegan, ethical and gluten free so the oats provide a slow release of energy throughout the day. Not only does this brand make oat bars but they also do popcorn which I would absolutely love to try as they have some really unique flavours! Why don't you check out their site here.

Faith Hand Made Soap
I loved the addition of this grapefruit soap in this months box, Faith is a completely vegan brand which are high in natural extracts that cleanse, tone and refresh the skin without drying it out. I feel adding a zesty fragrance to the soap will make this a great product to use at the start of the day to really wake you up and get your brain ticking over for the day ahead. Faith stock lots of different fragrances of these natural soaps and also sell lots of different beauty essentials and even do home care items like laundry liquid! You should definitely have a little nosey of their site here.

BetterYou MultiVit Spray
This product was definitely something I wasn't expecting but it makes a lot of sense to have an item like this! Naturally, students aren't always their healthiest and may not be getting all the vitamins they need so this MultiVit spray will help with that. It has 14 essential vitamins and minerals blended in the spray, including vitamins B12 & D3 for energy levels and the immune system. This oral spray get absorbed straight into the blood stream and is proven to be quicker and more effective than tablets/capsules since it doesn't have to go through the digestive system. I must say, the taste of this spray isn't great, the 'sour grape' flavour made me really want to try it as I love sour tastes but this definitely did not taste like that! However, with all those vitamins and minerals inside I think I can withstand a few moments of distaste for hopefully a healthier immune system and better energy levels. Interested in this? Check out their site here.

Overall verdict
I really love the concept of the uni box idea and feel like it would be very helpful for students and also put a lot of parent's minds to ease. Every box contains a selection of essentials that will benefit a student's life and I can honestly say all the items I received would be very helpful, whether in education or not! A month's subscription is £24.99 which considering all the products inside are natural, healthy, vegan and cruelty free is a really affordable price. Like all subscription services, the more months you pay for, the cheaper it gets so be sure to check out their prices.

What are your thoughts on this box? Are you a student and interested in this? Let me know below!

- Emily x

* I was sent this box for reviewing purposes but all opinions are my own

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  1. ooo Im currently at uni at this box just looks perfect I've never heard of it before either!

  2. I am not a student but I want this box haha xxxxx

    ps... your nails look lovely and classic... love them xxxxxx

  3. I really like the concept of this box! You get some lovely things in it! I'm with you on the hot drink situations xxx

  4. This is such a good idea
    I could do with some of that vitamin spray, as I doubt I have the right amount

  5. This is a pretty cool and adorable box! x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. This is such a good idea! Lots of my friends parents at uni always send them 'care packages' as we call them, filled with bits and pieces that they'd usually buy for them at home. Never seen anything like this before!

  7. What a cool idea, I've never heard of this until this post! I'll admit I weren't a big fan of the foodie things but the coffee soap and the vitamins spray was super interesting! I think the food in the box isn't really catered to many people as I know a lot of people that 1) don't eat marsh mellows (like myself, vegetarian!) and 2) like the wasabi flavoured things. Hope that makes sense anyway? Only a certain portion of people would enjoy those! So definitely a risky one but the idea itself is great x

  8. I love this boxes so much, they're packed full if great stuff. The marshmallow bars sound amazing and so delicious although I don't eat them! The coffee from this brand is amazing too I won a batch of it at an event and its gorgeous x

  9. I love the idea of this. I've just got my hands on some of the Better You vitamin sprays and they're actually fairly pricey so that's a really good thing to get in here!
    Amy xx

  10. This is a cute idea! Sadly as I was a mature student I don't think my mum would have been that worried to send me a care package haha! But for a first time away from home student it's a lovely idea x

  11. I tried out the January UniBox and really liked it! I too am not a fan of hot drinks (especially coffee, although I love the smell, I hate the taste!) so the drinks container and the coffee wouldn't have been that useful for me, but I love the idea of the vitamin spray and the marshmallow bars, they sound fab! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Great photography here as well!

    Abbey 😘

  12. This seems like such a good idea, the food sounds lush!!! Xox

  13. This sounds like a great idea. I certainly wish they'd had something like this when I was at uni! Although I could probably do with that vitamin spray now!

  14. I saw this over on your Instagram. I'm no longer a student but love the look of this box!

    Tania ||

  15. This is such a neat box ❤️ It makes me what to be a student again 😍

  16. I've never heard of this box but it looks really good quality! Care packages are always great!

    Sian x

  17. This is such a great idea! I'd love to receive something like this every month when I'm at uni, but unfortunately £24.99 is a tad too expensive for me. I agree that it's totally fair for the amazing bits you get, but for me as a student something priced around £15 would be a lot more accessible! Loved this post!

  18. I love the concept, though I personally am not willing to spend money on subscription boxes purely because I like to know what I'm buying and do my research! The Mallow & Marsh look really interesting and something I'd want to try but it's a shame they contain beef gelatine, which I can't have! Great post x

  19. It is a little pricey but that being said it does contain natural ingredients which is good for students. I graduated a year and a bit ago and this box would have been handy x

  20. Oh this seems like a such a great box! I'm not a big fan of subscription boxes in general, but something like this would be great to receive as a one-off, or just every few months. I love the sound of that coffee and those marshmallow bars!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  21. Love the concept of this box! Wish I knew about it when I was at uni lol! Thanks for sharing! :-) xxxx
    Rachel |


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