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Summer Beauty Wishlist 2017
As you all know, I love makeup and anything beauty related! I'm always on the lookout for the new releases in the beauty world and being won over by stunning packaging! Unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees (sigh) so I can't always have what I want right this moment but I thought I'd conjure up a summer wishlist for whenever I get an extra bit of cash that I'd like to spend on a product. It's probably just me but when I finally have some money and want to treat myself, my mind just goes completely blank on what makeup I've been wanting. Same goes for birthdays, which in fact my 21st is coming up in July so this will be a fab post to refer back to when asked what I'd like to receive!

Everyone and their mum has tried this foundation and seems to swear by it! Especially the oily skinned girls which I unfortunately am. So many times I've been tempted to chance buying it online but it's around £30 which is risky if the shade isn't correct. I need to get colour matched whenever I'm near a counter so I can finally try it! 

I think I have just discovered the most regal and luxurious looking perfume ever! This bergamot perfume boasts a bottle inspired by the Crown Perfumery which is a favourite of Queen Victoria. The perfume itself is a subtle aphrodisiac featuring jasmine and cashmeran musk which I'm hugely intrigued by. I've never looked into perfumes like this one that only uses rare and precious ingredients and is handcrafted with love, care and creativity. I will definitely need to start saving for this bottle as for 30ml it comes to £135 but I bet it smells divine. You should pop over to their website here to read more about it as I was super interested in the thought process behind the making of the scent, especially the part talking about 'In The Footsteps of Cleopatra'

I've never been one to get into colour correcting but since studying basic makeup at college, I've seen just how fab they can be when applied and used properly. I suffer from slight redness on my chin and cheek area so I really want to try out Collection's new range of colour correctors. They're only £4.19 so it definitely won't break the bank but I just haven't had the chance to pick one up right now

I have eyed these blushers up for the longest time.. I really wish they sold the ambient lighting edit palette that's encased in the gold packaging in the UK but I cannot find it anywhere. So instead I've been looking at the single blushers and love the shade 'Ethereal Glow' which looks to have pink and brown tones to create a glowy pink shade. They sell for £32 each which is probably the most expensive single blush I would have purchased myself but aren't they just drool-worthy?! 

Another very highly hyped product at the moment is Tarte's shape tape concealer. From what I've heard, this is super high coverage and long lasting so of course I want to give it a go. It's pretty difficult to get in the UK but QVC do sell it! Apparently the lightest shade is actually really quite pale so I'm torn between whether I'd be 'Fair' or 'Light' but I do like a brightened effect under my eyes. This concealer is £28 which is a huge difference to my holy grail Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer that is around £7 but it must be good for that price.. right?

I currently own Kitten Karma from their glitter range and I love the formula of these! They are so easy to work with and don't fall out all over my face which is a problem I face with pressed glitters. They also last so well and are very pigmented on the lids so I've been looking into their other shades and saw their duo chrome range. I'm most interested in 'Sea Siren' and 'Sunset Cove' and they are purple and pink tones which would be so nice to rock in the summer. I can't find these specific ones in the UK at the moment but I'm really hoping Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay might stock them in the future.. These sell for £23 which is a lot for some glitter but I swear by their formula and a little goes a long way

I love my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but I've been hearing lots about this balm lately and I'm a sucker for wanting to try new things. It's perfect for all skin types and doesn't dry the skin out (not that I suffer with that due to my oils) but I like the fact it'll still cater for my skin if it changes a little during the seasons. A pot of this is £23 for 125ml which is a bit more than my Liz Earle one but you get another 25ml extra 

What products do you have on your wishlist this summer? Have you tried any of the items I mentioned above? Let me know your thoughts on them!

- Emily x

* I was paid for the mention of the Clive Christian X Perfume but all opinions are my own

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  1. I love wishlist posts, it's always interesting to hear about what everyone else is lusting over! I have heard such amazing things about the Estée Lauder foundation but you're right that £30!8/ a lot to shell out if the tone doesn't quite suit you! The colour matching is an essential, I think! The Clive Christian perfume sounds gorgeous, I have a bergamot hand cream and I love it, so I'm confident that I'd be a fan of this perfume too! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 💕

  2. I use the Estée Lauder foundation a lot and I love it! I'd definitely recommend getting colour matched though. I also really want to try the Hourglass blush as I've heard some really good things about it :) xx

  3. I love double wear foundation xx

  4. I've been lusting over that cleansing balm for a while now and with only two weeks until my birthday I might have to pop it on my wishlist too!

  5. Some great products on here! I've used the Estee Lauder myself & I personally wouldn't repurchase it... I'm an oily skinned girl myself with lots of acne blemishes. You could read my full review here if you're interested :)

  6. I really want to give the double wear foundation a go. I also love the look of the hourglass blush

    Tasha x

  7. I have the collection Concealer in the lemon correcting shade and I adore it! It's amazing for counteracting purple tones under the eye! I need to pick up the green too💖

  8. I want to try take the day off to I've tried the oil version before

  9. Double Wear foundation is on my list too!

  10. The Double Wear foundation is on my wishlist too!

  11. Great list! How does the double wear foundations hold up in the hot weather? i really want to buy it!

  12. Oh my gosh that hourglass blush and stila glitters are so beautiful!!

  13. The Tarte concealer is firmly making it's way onto my wishlist!

    Holly x

  14. I'm so torn about this concealer! It's so pricey, but I'm hearing such amazing things about it!

    Terri /

  15. Ooooh I love the look of that blusher! I don't tend to wear a lot of makeup in the summer, when it's too hot I just can't be bothered haha x

  16. Honestly need to try the foundation and concealer but they are so expensive.


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