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Summer Fragrances 2017Summer Fragrances Picks For 2017
Summer is approaching and I love to wear a light fresh scent during the hot months. I personally feel like perfumes are too heavy during the hopefully hot weather and steer more towards body sprays and mists. I've picked out 3 brands that I've been absolutely loving throughout the spring to summer transition.

So.. Fragrance Summer Collection
So..? Fragrance
So..? have released 6 fab new scents to their range which are all very different from each other but smell divine! These bottles contain 100ml and are simple to pop into your handbag! I absolutely love their summery and bright patterns that all correspond with their fragrance. My favourites are probably vanilla, musk and pink grapefruit but the rest are still just as good. 

The new range consists of:
Pink Grapefruit - Zesty citrus, mango and passionfruit
Vanilla - Sweet dreamy vanilla
Sparkling Tea - Green tea, bergamot and mandarin
Rose Petals - Pink and white roses
Musk - Bergamot, sandalwood and musk
Iced Melon - Melon and cucumber

They can find be found in Boots for £3.99!

Body Fantasies
Body Fantasies have now launched 4 new scents that I have fallen in love with! Even better, their whole range can now be purchased at a bigger size of 236ml which is what is shown in the photo above! But of course if you're after a handy bag sized version then there are 94ml bottles available. I love the look of the bottles too, each come in a gorgeous colour with an image on the front of the corresponding fragrance. It's hard to choose a favourite from these four as I genuinely love them all but cotton candy has been the one I've used most, it's so sweet and I love it! 

The range consists of:
Cotton Candy - Sparkling raspberry, cotton candy, strawberry sugar, whipped vanilla and caramel
Kissing In The Rain - Spring flowers, orange, spring rain, water lily and honeysuckle
Vanilla - Tangerine, pineapple, vanilla bean, vanilla musk, caramel
Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy - Cyclamen, passion flower, musk, grapefruit, raspberry and passionfruit

They can be found in Superdrug for £3.99 (94ml) and £8.99 (236ml)

Accessorize Love Lily Fragrance
Accessorize Love Lily
When I saw the bottle of this fragrance I was in awe! The bottle is almost like a crystal that feels and looks luxurious. The cap of the bottle has a beautiful pink and yellow flower inside which makes it look just that extra bit special! This is not a perfume as such but definitely has more power than a body spray. It is a 75ml bottle that oozes notes of raspberry, orange, jasmine and sweet vanilla and could quite easily become your go to scent for the summery months. Even the box it comes in is very pretty with it's vibrant pink packaging and neon coloured flowers plastered over it. This is the first Accessorize fragrance I've tried and I've been very impressed. 
It can be purchased from Accessorize for £19 or have a look online here.

Have you got a signature scent for the summer time? I love to to change up my scent daily so for me body sprays from brands like So..?, Body Fantasies and Accessorize are perfect as they aren't expensive and I can buy lots! 

- Emily x

* I was sent the products stated in this post but all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post

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  1. So many gorgeous options here, Emily! I'm a big fan of buying new fragrances for summers and I love the sound of many of these! Jasmine and Vanilla in the Accessorize scent sounds right up my street! The So fragrances are a real blast from the past too, they certainly look a lot different from when I used to use them as a teen!

    Abbey 💖

  2. I've heard so many good things about those so fragrances! Always nice to switch it up a bit in summer,
    Amy xx

  3. I love those SO and Body Fantasies bottles - they're so pretty. I'd want them all!!

  4. these look lovely! When I went to Florida I purchased 12 mini Victoria Secret sprays that came in a bundle and I still haven't got through them! So I literally keep one in all my bags haha x

    G |

  5. Some really lovely picks! I definitely need to fresh my collection of fragrances for the Spring/Summer months as I just seem to wear the same thing all year round. Love the idea of those SO body sprays, the pink grapefruit and the iced melon are my favourite sounding ones (I think!) I'll have to go and have a sniff and pick them up soon!!

  6. I love the So fragrances! Sparkling tea is my favourite, it reminds me of gin and tonic (aka my favourite drink ha) and it just smells so summery! And I still haven't got around to trying the Body Fantasy sprays but everybody loves them so I need to pick a few up.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  7. I can't judge on smell but I remember loving the So...? body sprays years ago!! Is it boring I wear the same perfume all year round now?! lol xxxxxx

  8. Great post Emily but I can't lie, I find it so hard to smell So EDT without thinking of being an awkward teenager who bought them in bulk as christmas presents hahaha!

    Holly x

  9. some gorgeous scents you have picked xxx

  10. I really need to to try either So? or Body Fantasies, I love using a body mist during the summer rather than perfume. The scents tend to be light and less over-powering! I'm going to be on the lookout for these in my local Boots/Superdrug!

    Sian x

  11. I've been seeing those so..? Body mists everywhere lately and I'm always drawn to the packaging they look so pretty! I definitely think I'm going to have to stop putting it off and pick a couple up, I mean there's no reason not to they're so affordable! Lovely post Emily

    Ellie x

  12. Some amazing picks. The Vanilla So... sounds amazing for Summer!

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog |

  13. I don't necessarily have a fragrance for each season, I kind of just wear whatever I feel like on the day all year round haha. These look like great picks, and the body mists seem perfect for the hot weather.

  14. I have used So...? exclusive and the perfume is so elegant and sweet. The notes of this fragrance are also amazing. I think this perfume is the best fragrance for the summer for every woman. Thanks for sharing this post.


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