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21st Birthday Wishlist
I did one of these last year and a lot of you loved it so I felt I would do another! I love to make wish lists as it really helps me to remember items I've been wanting for a while and can possibly ask for on special occasions such as my 21st! Obviously I'm turning the big 21 this July so it's a bit of a special one for me! It's currently June and I still don't have a solid plans on what exactly I'm going to do to celebrate but I'm sure whatever happens will be lovely.

L'Occitane Perfumes
Fragrances are always lovely to receive and I feel like certain fragrances really tie you to a memory whenever you smell it. These perfumes from L'Occitane look and sound like they'd be perfect for me, especially the Terre de Lumiére Parfum or the Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc Toilette. I've yet to try the brand L'Occitane but heard lots of good things about them so really want to explore what they have to offer. 

Ikea MALM Dressing Table
I've had my current dressing table for years.. in fact I believe I've had it my whole life! So as you can imagine, it's getting a bit old! It's a lovely wooden table that matches my drawers and wardrobe but I really want to modernise my area now. Especially as a very stereo-typical blogger and youtuber, I love the whole simplistic white theme. The MALM dresser is sleek and has a glass top which would show case my makeup perfectly. It also has a long pull out drawer which would mean I could store my makeup so much easier than I can now. 

Ikea ALEX drawers
Yes I know. Every beauty youtuber has a set of these but... how spacious do these look? My makeup collection is currently over flowing because I just don't have the storage for it all. I've been ruthless and donated or chucked a load of makeup but it's still not enough! These 9 drawers would take all my makeup and more! Plus they'd match very nicely with the dressing table. 

Lash Extensions
I must admit, I like my lashes.. they're dark and quite long. However, I've been a falsie lover for a year or so now and I've made myself feel like my lashes just aren't that great anymore! A few coats of mascara used to be enough for me but now I've worn lovely luscious lashes, I can't help but want that on a daily basis! I'm still weighing up the pros and cons of them, like getting infills every few weeks and whether my natural lashes will be affected but if I do decide to go ahead, I'd probably put some birthday money towards them!

Urban Decay Naked Heat
I'm sure we've all seen the upcoming UD naked palette right? I am in love. It's been a while since I've been wow-ed by a new UD palette but finally it's here! I was never interested in the basics, ultimate basics or the smokey one and I wasn't in the beauty realm when the first 3 naked palettes came about so I felt like I'd never be head over heels for a new release from them again but they proved me wrong! It's got gorgeous oranges, browns and purples that I love to wear! I'm not too certain of the UK release date yet but have heard rumours of the end of July and even August.. 

Macbook Air External Hard Drive
If you're a blogger or youtuber with a laptop, you know how annoying it is to find out you have very little space left and are made to delete lots of files. Having a hard drive would be super handy to store old photos and videos files on whilst knowing they're safe and my laptop is clutter free! I'm not entirely sure what specific hard drive I'd like yet but I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

For now that is all I can think of for my 21st! I always get random ideas pop in my head or of course, a new beauty product is released after I've noted down what I'd love to receive. 

 Whats is/was on your birthday list?

- Emily x

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* I was paid for the mention of L'Occitane perfumes. However all opinions are my own.

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