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Little Known Box May 2017 Review
During May I received the May edition of the Little Known Box which also happens to be their birthday box to celebrate one year of their brand! Today's post will be going through what I received in the box and whether I feel LKB is worth subscribing to! 

There's something about sleek black packaging that makes something seem so luxurious and elegant. LKB did a fab job of portraying this by packaging the contents in black tissue paper, tied with a black ribbon all encased in a black box. There are gold accents throughout the packaging too, including the text and borders.
The box itself would make a great storage box as it's really sturdy and I think I may pop lots of skin care items in there or perhaps jewellery! Something I forgot to make apparent in the photos is the leaflet of what's inside the box. I loved the information LKB provided as it explained what the product was and how much it would be to purchase. 

Seacret Makeup Remover Wipes
I think makeup wipes are great to pop into a box as I tend to stick to my usual Superdrug wipes and really don't experiment much at all. When researching these online I couldn't find much information on them at all apart from the fact that they contain Dead Sea minerals that allows easier penetration of the skin so the radiance and tone of the skin is immediately improved. The RRP of these appear to be $25 USD on their official website which ends up being around £19! I don't think I'd ever go out and willingly pay that much for makeup wipes I've never tried before so to have the chance to now is really helpful!

Technic Pink Sparkle Highlighting Powder
I actually already own this highlighter but I'm going to be keeping this for a future giveaway! I absolutely love Technic products so I was happy to see a brand that deserves recognition in the box. Technic are really affordable but still good quality so is a great brand to introduce to new people. This highlighter retails for £1.79

Another new brand for me (and in fact quite a newbie to the market after googling them!). Spacemasks are pretty much what they say on the packet.. a mask that transports you away from Earth to relax. The eye mask heats up when applied and helps the wearer to relax and unwind. The design of the mask itself matches the packaging, it is blue with lots of stars on which I think is cute! The masks are currently £15 for a pack of 5 (£3 each)

Nanshy Large Blending Brush
I really love when a box allows you to experiment with new brands and Nanshy happened to be another unknown brand to myself. I was happy to find a blending brush too because I use so many different brushes when doing my eyeshadow so I like to trial others. Nanshy is an approved PETA brand, cruelty free and 100% vegan. The bristles are synthetic and also antibacterial which is perfect for the eye area. This single brush is £5.95 which is reasonable for a well made product.

Ooh! Face Oil
Face oils seem to be a big trend at the moment and this one from Ooh! is an organic argan moisture retention oil. This helps to regenerate tissue and keep the skin moisturised so a perfect treat for anyone with dry skin. This bottle is a travel size and costs £9.50. Ooh! do lots of other types of face oils too which are catered for all different skin types.

Bettyhula Moisturising Cream
Probably my favourite item of the box just because it smells amazing.. this is the Bettyhula cream. The scent of this is champagne and spice which I honestly thought would smell horrible as I don't like anything spicy scented -- oh how I was wrong! This smells divine and very sophisticated which makes me want to pop this on in the evening before a night out or meal out. The tub is pretty big measuring in at 120ml for £12.99. This cream is proven to be beneficial for scars, sun burn relief, oily skin, combo skin, dry skin and also scarring which makes it a great all rounder.

Little Known Box Black Zipper Bag
As an added extra since it was their birthday box, LKB included this handy little black bag that can be used for whatever you wish! I'm always needing extra storage so anything like this is greatly received!

Is Little Known Box worth it?
Little Known Box is £15.95 per box which is about average for a subscription box and you don't have to commit to a certain amount of months like most subscription services. The May box total was around £59 which is a pretty incredible saving when you consider the one off price. I loved how they included lots of soon to be discovered brands, allowing us to give them a chance before committing to buying the item again. Most of the products were full size too excluding the face oil and mask which I'm glad to see as I've seen a lot of boxes only ever offer sample sized products for the same sort of price.
All in all I really recommend checking out Little Known Box as it contained some fab gems in there and appears to be a really high quality box for a highstreet price! 
You can check out their website here

Have you tried Little Known Box? 

- Emily x

* I was sent Little Know Box for reviewing purposes only, I was not paid for this post. All opinions are my own

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