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Palmer's Haircare
Soft & Silky Hair with Palmer's
Palmer's is a brand I've always loved and seen as a really reputable brand but I've never actually tried any of their hair care until now. When approached by their PR team on whether I would like to try their products out, I was definitely up for it and received my items in a matter of days. Today's post is going to be a quick talk through of the products and my thoughts about them after using them for a couple weeks so if you're interested to see whether you should pick some up on your next shop then keep on reading.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Repairing Shampoo
Shampoo always seems to work the same on my hair, no matter what the brand, cost or ingredients.. it simply washes my hair. I wasn't expecting much from this shampoo for that reason entirely but I was actually really shocked to find that this was a lot better than most I've tried. My hair is long and I'd say medium thickness so shampoo never lathers up on the first application. I believed this was just normal for my type of hair so never really saw a fault with this but when I popped on my first application of this shampoo it lathered up immediately and had a creamy formula that felt like it was really getting into the roots of my hair. Due to the thickness of the shampoo, I felt like I literally only needed a pea sized amount (which is actually what is recommended with all shampoos but that never covers all of my hair) and when I was onto my second shampoo, I literally needed the tiniest amount. So not only was the formula really good but this product is very cost effective too, fabulous! Even better, this shampoo is a big 400ml bottle and only costs £4.19 which I would happily go out and repurchase. This shampoo receives a big thumbs up from me! Oh and by the way.. this stuff smells divine.
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Palmer's Coconut Oil Repairing Conditioner
The conditioner performed just like the shampoo which I was really happy about. It once again had similar thickness which meant I didn't feel like I needed to keep going back for more conditioner to cover my hair. I left this in for around 5 - 10 minutes only because I like to keep conditioner on for as long as possible and it left my hair super silky, soft and shiny. As mentioned above, this range has a beautiful coconut scent and you can smell it for days afterwards which I love! The conditioner comes in a 250ml tube and is £4.19.
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Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Protein Pack
This item was probably one of my favourites of the bunch because of just how amazing my hair looked afterwards. This protein pack is a 60g satchet and you pop this on for 10 minutes after shampooing or as an overnight treatment. I did this after using the Palmer's shampoo and I was convinced I'd need to use the whole pack just because with most treatments like this, I only just manage to get my hair coated in the product. However, I only needed half the amount to liberally coat my hair and I now have enough for a second treatment which I'm really happy about. It has the same scent as the rest of the products and is said to help repair weak and damaged hair. My hair has never felt so soft nor looked so healthy and shiny and I am putting it down to this product. The best thing is it's only £2.09 for a sachet which you will definitely get at least 2 uses out of depending on how long and thick your hair is. 
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Palmer's Coconut Oil Weightless Shine Dry Oil Mist
I've never really delved into oil mists before just because I hate adding too much product to my hair as it then ends up looking greasy and very weighed down. However, I was drawn in due to the fact it was a 'weightless' oil mist and because the other products had been so good surely this would live up to expectations? I spritzed this onto my damp hair after I'd washed it and then blowdried it to find my hair was looking a lot shinier than usual. Whether this is due to the combination of the shampoo, conditioner/protein pack and the oil I do not know, I would need to test it on it's own, but I absolutely loved the overall look and will be popping it into my hair routine from now on. The oil is £6.99 which may seem a little pricier than the other products but you only need a couple sprays on your hair so will last quite a while.
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Palmer's Coconut Oil Hair Milk Smoothie
This is the only product of the bunch that I've not yet tried. I didn't want to overload my hair with product so trying to fit this into my routine has been tricky, especially since I only wash my hair once a week (Yup, you can train your hair to do that!). So I cannot review this item but I wanted to pop it in here to tell you a little more. The milk smoothie can be used on damp or dry hair, depending on your preference and it helps with the following:
Tames frizz
Adds shine
Defines curls
Smooths fly-aways
Moisturises ends of hair

This product sounds very promising and I cannot wait to use it since the rest of the products have been such a pleasure to use. The smoothie is £4.99.
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Palmer's Haircare

Have you ever tried anything from Palmer's before? What are your holy grail hair products?

- Emily x

* I was sent these products for reviewing purposes only, I was not paid for this post. All opinions are my own.

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