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Love Drop Subscription Box
Spice Up Date Night With Love Drop
Date nights become a thing of the past once you've been with your partner for a while.. at least that's what most people including myself have experienced! No matter how long you've been together, I really feel it's important to make sure you have a date night every so often. Me and my boyfriend Matt have been together for 3 years next month and we don't really have "dates" anymore. Occasionally we may go to the cinema together as a cute night out but apart from that, we rarely go out for meals or plan adventures. However, LoveDrop have come to the rescue and they claim 'It's more than just a toy box. It's an event, an experience, a challenge for you and your partner to explore together' So today's post is going to delve into the subscription box and whether I think it's worth trying!

LoveDrop Subscription Box Contents
What Is Love Drop?
"At LoveDrop we know that healthy relationships require timeeffort and investmentPlanning a date night and making time for each other can be a challenge with the business of life; making time for exciting sex is another challenge still! Bringing that spice to the bedroom isn’t always as simple as it should be, so we’ve decided to give a helping hand."

I'm sure you're all relatively familiar with how a subscription box works. You sign up and receive a box on a regular basis that is filled with goodies inside! LoveDrop is no exception apart from the fact it's designed to spice up a couples life! They are also a bi-monthly box which allows you to take the time to really experiment with the items you get before receiving new ones. LoveDrop promise to always deliver the following in their boxes: date night gifts, a designer sex toy, activites/games and some samples. You can be sure you will be getting a good variety of products to try every other month.

LoveDrop Products
What Was Inside My Love Drop?
Upon opening my LoveDrop I was greeted with a jam packed full box. Everything was packaged very sophistically and also discreetly (if you're worried about the postman seeing what you've ordered!!). I received 3 full sized items and then 4 samples in my box and also a dates + challenges booklet. 

The Melt Co 'Joy' Candle (RRP £8.95)
A handmade candle that has a lovely subtle scent of floral and musk. I always love candles to set the mood and this fits in perfectly for a date night. I'm pleased that it's quite a subtle scent too because I feel overpowering candles can be a bit too much when trying to set the mood, you want something soft and light to set the tone.

Lelo Nea (RRP £69)
Firstly, this product already exceeds the box price of £45 which makes it great value for money already! The Lelo Nea is their designer sex toy for their December box and mine came in a pink/purple colour with a floral pattern on the front. I think including a toy in a box like this is great since it allows beginners to start to experiment with toys and then it will also be loved by couples who already have a collection since it's a unique design so unlikely to already be owned! 

LoveDrop Prompt Cards (RRP £9.95)
I really liked the idea of the prompt cards when I opened them as they give an activity to try together as a couple and this can be a life saver when you get stuck for ideas! Whether you just don't feel creative enough when it comes to spicing things up or you just want to try something new, these cards are perfect for that.

Lelo 'Hex' Condoms & Lubricant Samples
As for the samples, I received 2 of each variety. I've actually seen posts about the hex condoms before and even got asked if I wanted to review them (but I was too shy to agree!)  so it was quite interesting to find them in the box. There was also lubricant too which of course will be handy for anyone, beginner or expert. I'm glad to see the samples were useful and not just 'a filler product' to make the box seem more as I find with some boxes their samples don't fit for everyone and then go to waste.

Dates & Challenges
LoveDrop subscription boxes contain a handy booklet that goes through all of the items and then leads on to the 'dates and challenges' portion. I really like the idea of including these as once again, they include things you just usually wouldn't try or even think about! For example, in December's booklet they challenge you both to 'up your public displays of affection' since it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and build trust. There's also a date idea of cooking a meal together or baking which me and Matt actually did and we really enjoyed ourselves.

LoveDrop Dates and Challenges
How Can You Get Love Drop?
Signing up is super simple and can be done here. LoveDrop costs £45 every other month which although may seem a lot at first, considering you get a designer toy that is worth more than the box already, is a great price. I also consider it an investment into your relationship since it really helps to improve the bond between each other and spice up your love life if you're seeking that. Or perhaps if you're just looking for a fun box to experience with each other, it's definitely something to look into.

Have you ever tried something like LoveDrop? Let me know below!

- Emily x

* I was gifted the item for reviewing purposes only, I was not paid for this post.

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  1. I received this! It's so amazing and I can't recommend it enough. I can't wait until my next box x

  2. What a great idea and box! I've never heard of this brand before x

  3. What an interesting box idea! very unique and has a ton of good stuff in x
    EscapesAndEpiphanies | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  4. I've missed seeing your posts! And they haven't changed one bit, still beyond amazing! So proud to see how far you're coming hunnie! <3 xoxo


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