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Valentines Essentials
V-Day Essentials To Make You Feel GOOD
Valentine's Day is approaching and I know it's like marmite, you either love it or hate it! If you've not got another half to share it with then how about treating it as a day for some self-love! (And I'm not meaning in a kinky way, ha!) Yes, we should take every day to love ourselves but sometimes it's difficult so why not take just one day to really focus on you and whatever makes you feel good! I decided to write this post so I can talk about all those little products that really make me feel confident in my body and are just a little extra step in my routine to really bring out that inner goddess inside!   
Milani Fruit PunchJoan Collins Monte Carlo and Lady JoanLola Makeup Merry Berry
What is it about red lipstick that makes you feel so sophisticated? Although not so much when it's all over your teeth.. My top 3 picks for Valentine's are pictured above and I've chosen a pinky red from Milani, a killer red gloss combo from Joan Collins and a beautiful matte red lippy with liner from Lola Cosmetics. Red is empowering and I feel goes so nicely with my pale skin: shock horror, something that actually compliments my ghostly complexion?! 

The Milani lipstick in the shade fruit punch is definitely more pink than red but I had to sneak in a pink because how couldn't I? I adore the formula of these as they are moisturising and glossy, a perfect combination on the lips. They are scented to me like watermelon but my boyfriend begs to differ but can't quite tell me what he thinks it is. 

My new favourite gloss is definitely Monte Carlo from Joan Collins Beauty. This is the most pigmented and comfortable lip gloss I've ever tried! I was super shocked when I put it on my lips so I highly recommend. You can wear it on its own or pair it with Lady Joan, a beautiful matte red lipstick for a killer red look.

If you're more of a matte girl then you could try Merry Berry from Lola Cosmetics, a very comfortable matte formula.

I find with red lipsticks it's so important to line your lips to make it clean so I used their liner 007 to compliment the lipstick. 

To the right is a picture of me sporting these two as a combo and I'm quite pleased with the result.

Bilou Fizzy BerryHunkemoller Forever Sexy
Just a spritz of a nice smelling fragrance can really change my mood, is that just me? I've decided to suggest a body spray and a perfume as I know some people prefer different types. I've always loved my Jean Paul Gaultier scents and Miss Dior so I thought I'd try out some new scents and fell in love with these both.

Bilou is a new brand to hit Superdrug and I had to get a sniff of the fizzy berry scent. There are body sprays with a matching cream foam so this would make a great pair when pampering yourself. There's lots of other scents available too but if you love a good fruit scent then I strongly suggest fizzy berry.

The Forever Sexy scent from Hunkemoller was actually the result I got from a quiz I took to determine what scent was best for me (perfect if you can't decide what to go for) and you can try it yourself here. From my answers, I got the forever sexy scent which I really like as it has notes of different fruits, florals and then vanilla and sandalwood. 

In2mate Moisturiser, Wash and LubricantHempz Lip Balm and Body Souffle
Body Care
I really neglect my skin on a daily basis so using body products is a huge treat for me. One perhaps for the bedroom rather than as a pamper is the in2mate products I recently discovered. Another new discovery for me is the Hempz brand where I've been using their lip balm non-stop and their shimmering souffle.

The three in2mate products that have joined my bathroom cupboard of goodies are the intimate wash, moisturiser and lubricant. I know some people disagree with using any sort of product in your intimate area which is completely fine and you do whatever you wish but I personally feel like a product designed for the area is completely safe and makes me feel much cleaner. The wash is gentle and non-perfumed which helps to restore bacterial balance, refreshes and detoxifies. Meanwhile the moisturiser is exactly the same but repairs micro skin damage and replenishes moisture. The lubricant is natural with an optimised pH, probiotics and has rejuvenating ingredients to restore moisture, smoothness and flexibility.

Hempz is a brand that has a questionable name but do not worry, all their products are THC free and instead are enriched with 100% pure natural hemp seed oil. I cannot get enough of their lip balm pictured above. It's really nourshing on the lips and keeps them hydrated for hours after, not just 5 minutes. Their coconut fusion shimmering souffle is so nice to use too as it gives my skin a sheen, something I do not get naturally due to being pretty much a ghost!! 

What do you like to do to pamper yourself on a self love day? Let me know below 

- Emily x

*I was sent these products for reviewing purposes only, all opinions are my own

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  1. Oh this lipstick colour is amazing! x

  2. You can never go wrong with a beautiful fragrance.

  3. Milani is such an underrated brand I think! Love the post xx


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